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Where can I learn more about JavaPOS?

Where can I learn (more) about Java Applets?

Where can I learn (more) about the ANTLR lexer and parser generator?

Where can I learn (more) about jGuru and how it works?

Im looking for the simpliest TTT source code, 3x3 matrix...Human vs Human. If anyone have it, please show me the script.

What is OTA?

What is WiFi?

What is Wireless Ethernet?

What is HomeRF?

What is IEEE 802.11?

What is Bluetooth? - 08.16.01

How does Qualcomm's BREW compare to J2ME?

What version of Java does JavaPC support and where can I learn more about it?

What is JavaPOS?

What libraries are available that support credit card validation from Java?

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