Java Tools Section Index | Page 93

When do I use labels versus return values?

What is a "protected" lexer rule?

What is the easiest way to get the text that matches an entire parser rule?

I want tree grammar C to morph its input tree to fit tree grammar Pascal, which has a different vocabulary. How do I handle the token type vocabulary issues?

How do I change the AST type using C++?

What platforms does ANTLR's C++ work on?

My C++ compiler doesn't like the ANTLR code - what can I do?

How do I build my parser in C++?

What changes do I need to make to generate C++?

How do I track column and line information?

I need to see what rules my parser is using, and need to know if there is a simple debugging option like the -gd option to antlr in v1.33? Or, I have no idea what is wrong with my parser/lexer; what can I do?

I want the information from a syntactic predicate but don't want to select an alternative.

Why can't I get my lexer to recognize 8-bit characters or binary bytes even though I set my character vocabulary to '\0'..'\377'?

Why do lexical rules for keywords conflict with identifiers even if I specify the special case (keywords) before the more general identifier rule?

Why can't the parser tell the lexer exactly what to go get? (why can't the parser give context information to the lexer to decide what kind of token will be coming down the input stream?)

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