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What are the merge points? What are they for?

How can I create new @tags, templates and sub-tasks?

Where can I find the list of supported @tags and sub-tasks?

How can I customize XDoclet to generate what I want?

What is the format of the @tags? Where should I put them in source code?

How can I debug problems with the VAJ integration with external CM tools?

How does Jtrix differ from Jini, and can they interoperate?

What are IBM's plans for VAJ beyond version 4.0?

What is the meaining of the following message appearing in the Log window?

Is it possible to have remote access to emsrv (shared repository server) for VAJ Enterprise clients? In other words, clients that connect to the repository server that are not on the same LAN as the server host?

What editors or tools are available to help with JavaScript development?

Are there any open source/free UML tools for Java developers?

What is the best strategy for creating a large application with many screens (Frames) using the Visual Composition Editor? Is there a better way than putting multiple screens on one VCE surface (one generated class)?

VAJ 3.5 for Linux?

How do you change the initial working directory for programs running in VAJ? It always starts in: <VAJ-Installation>ideproject_resources<project name>.

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