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I have expresion and it does not work Can somebody sugest how to write corectlly?

No errors are forwarded when redirect is set to true

Opening new window or going back

Exceptions that occur in an Action class can be catched in the Action class or handled by registered handlers, in the struts-config.xml file, that route control to specified error pages.

I'm trying to use the ActionError facility in Struts 1.1-b3. I create and save my error in my action.

Dynamic values for hidden fields

How can I use a variable that contains HTML?

How do you get a password field with html:text? In HTML it's quite easy i.e. type=password. Tried the same using an html:form, but it doesn't recognise "type=password". Any ideas?

How does struts handle the input element if it is hidden? For example I have an input tag inside my form <input type=hidden value="" name="order">

Struts and javascript. I just started to learn struts and I found that we cannot name a form. So i want to know how to give name to a struts form and how to access and retrive data from struts form ( <html:form> - - - -<html:form> )elements using the java script ?

User Specific Language settings

My problem is that I cannot figure out how to represent an 'OR' condition with Struts. I want to display a section of HTML if Condition1 OR Condition2 are met. I can represent an AND condition by nesting two <logic:equals> tags.

In my struts application, how do i maintain session, if a user closes the windows browser instead of clickin on logout button? I am using JSP for for client operations.

Validate HashMap?

I have this code in my JSP page. I need to have name = "questionList" for the form because i am using java script if(document.questionList.yesno1.options[1].selected)... in the JSP page.