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Is there a cross-platform alternative to COM? Are there JNI wrappers such that i can use java to write the components?

What are the new features added to JDK1.4 (Merlin) related to JNI?

I need to present a "mask" on a GUI screen representing a date in the current locale's short format, which may include a 4-digit year. How do I know which field is the year? I can get the localized pattern used by the DateFormat object, but the symbols seem to change based on the Locale!

What is the ktab tool that comes with the JDK?

What is a magic number?

Why should all Comparators be Serializable?

Is there a way to read all the items out of an NIO Buffer into an array to pass onto JNI (or for some other purpose)?

What's the difference between a BufferOverflowException and BufferUnderflowException?

What's wrong with the following statement: System.out.printf(object.toString())?

I'm looking for better date-time handling classes. Where can I find it?

Does Java work with Windows Vista?

What does Class<String> mean?

What does Class<String> mean?

What is the natural ordering of a Boolean? Does FALSE come first or second?

How do I create a multimap in Java?

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