Core Java Technology Section Index | Page 116

What is the purpose of the tool "serialver"? How is it used?

What is the Stream Unique IDentifier (SUID) that is written out as part of the serial stream?

What do you need to establish computer security?

Which class is the system default ClassLoader?

What is a Digital Signature?

How do you create a Message Digest with the Java Security API? (Message Digest code example)

What is a Message Digest?

What is hybrid cryptography?

What is "public key"/"asymmetric" cryptography?

What is "private key"/"symmetric"/"secret key" cryptography?

Is Java Y2K compliant?

How do I turn off the Just-in-Time compiler so I can get line numbers in my stack traces?

How do I get the list of system properties that tell me things like which version of Java a user is running and their platform-specific line separator?

How can I compress my data to save bandwidth when sending across a socket?

How do I work with message digests?

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