Pokimane has prohibited a bunch of words and phrases on her Discord, and using them contributes to immediate bans. This had sparked a tendency, as a YouTuber has managed to get banned on her Discord in only 1.05 seconds.

Lately, YouTuber KrizHasALisp set a new record for getting banned on Pokimane’s Discord, since it required him only 1.05 moments for banned.

It is no secret that Pokimane has prohibited a bunch of words and phrases on her Discord, and utilizing them leads to instant bans. In early August, Keemstar had “leaked” a listing of the words and phrases that Pokimane had banned on her Discord.

YouTuber gets banned in 1.05 seconds from Pokimane’s Discord, sets new record

This included the term “Simp,” that the YouTuber decided to use Pokimane’s Discord chat. However, the word got him banned almost instantly, as it took the YouTuber a total of 1.05 seconds to get prohibited.

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The previous one year or so was incredibly controversial for Pokimane. A variety of feuds have resulted in people’s controversies and disagreements with fellow material creators such as Keemstar, Leafy, and ItsAGundam. In turn, had compelled her hands to ban many words and phrases related to these previous controversies. This had sparked a brand new”Pokimane Discord fad” one of the YouTubers, who tried to turn into the one to get banned the fastest for her Discord.

The record was reduced to mere moments, with the quickest one being the 2.517 seconds in which YouTuber Endy obtained banned on her Discord. The record seems to have been broken, as YouTuber KrizHasALisp has managed to have banned from her Discord in only 1.05 seconds!KrizHasALisp is a YouTuber who articles various skits and other”rant-related” videos.

The entire ordeal lasted only 1.05 seconds, which he claims is a new “Pokimane Discord ban speedrun” record.

The YouTuber currently has approximately 1.3k subscribers on the stage. But, breaking the album may also make him more popular than he is. As can be observed from the movie, the YouTuber had copied the word”Simp,” he only had to glue on the Discord chatbox to get his account banned. He did it in a second, along his account got banned immediately.