Young Royals

Hey there! Young Royals appear in an upcoming Netflix series.

What is the show all about? When will it air? Is it worthwhile to watch? To find out, keep reading! Let’s get started! Here are the answers to your questions

What is the show about?

Prince Wilhelm adapts to Hillerska, his prestigious new boarding college, but it proves more difficult than he anticipated.

Young Royals Season 1 Official Release Date

The wait is over! There is good news for everyone. Season 1 premieres this Sunday 1 July 2021 Only available on Netflix You can save the date!

Young Royals

Young Royals Season 1. Cast and Characters

Omar Rudberg, Edvin Rudberg, and MalteGardinger will all be with us. Frida Agento, Nikita Ulgla, Pernilla July, and many more will be present on the show.