Yellowstone Season 4 may air in the future, but everyone’s worst assumptions about when it will be aired may be incorrect. We have to find out, as Kevin Costner’s Western drama ended on a major cliffhanger last Season that put the Dutton family at risk.

Cole Hauser, a cast member, teased that season 4 will premiere. Filming had ended some time ago and it could air on Paramount Network this month. But, a trailer for Season 4 is still not available so that possibility seems less likely.

John’s family includes Kayce Dutton (a former Navy SEAL, whose wife Monica is Native American), and John. Beth Dutton, a banker, has battled drug and alcohol addiction. Jamie Dutton, the oldest son, is a lawyer who aspires for political office. Rip Wheeler (the ranch foreman) has a romantic relationship.

The violent finale of season 3 saw many Duttons lose their lives. There is no way to be sure.

Yellowstone Season 4: Release Date

Paramount Network has yet to announce the Yellowstone season 4 release date. Paramount Network has not yet announced the release date for Yellowstone season 4. However, there was every reason to believe it would happen in June.

All three seasons’ previous episodes debuted in June. In addition, Chief Joseph Ranch (the Yellowstone set) posted an Instagram caption with the caption “Who’s excited about the June premiere?” after season 4 filming had finished in November.

Some fans worry that Yellowstone season 4 might be delayed. As of June, there were no updates on the series. To speculate on the possibility, they went to the official Instagram account of the show to see if it would premiere this month. Paramount aired a marathon episode of each episode over Memorial Day weekend but did not announce a debut date.

We don’t know when Yellowstone Season 4 will air or what day it will air. Seasons 1 & 2 were broadcast on Wednesdays, while season 3 was broadcast Sundays. Season 4 will probably air on Sunday, too.

Yellowstone Season 4 Trailer

Paramount Network has yet to release the season 4 trailer or teaser. If there is one thing that suggests a June premiere might be in doubt, it is this. The trailer for this show should have been out by now, even if it was coming back next month.

If a teaser video is not available soon, viewers should expect a later launch.

Season 4: Yellowstone Cast

Yellowstone stars Kevin Costner Wes Bentley Kelly Reilly Luke Grimes Cole Hauser and Gil Birmingham. Kevin Costner plays John Dutton, the patriarch of a family who has owned the Yellowstone/Dutton Ranch for six generations. Grimes portrays Kayce Dutton as the youngest son.

Reilly, Beth’s sister, plays John’s daughter. She is a hardworking and loyal financial advisor with substance addiction issues. In season three, it was revealed that Bentley is Beth’s brother Jamie Dutton.


Yellowstone season 4, which concludes so abruptly, will have a significant ending to its fourth season. Beth’s office in Bombarded, Kayce (and John) were both targeted in separate shootings. Will the Duttons manage to escape alive?

John, at least, is likely to do so. Costner has been mum about the fate of the patriarch and stated only that the resolution was “strong” during a Fox interview. However, John Dutton is no longer with us. Can you imagine Yellowstone in his absence? Hauser and Reilly have discussed Beth’s future together with Rip, implying that she will be able to survive the bombing.

If Beth survives, Rip and Beth may tie the knot. White, a cast member, said that Season 4 will likely begin at “breakneck speed.” As a result of the shootings and bombings in Duttons’ home, White expects that their cronies and associates will retaliate in some manner. Hauser says Season 4 Episode 1 could be entitled “Wrath of Rip.”

Official Updates

While there’s much to love about Netflix’s Yellowstone series, there are very few updates from the producers and cast. The only exception is that season 04 has already been shot.


This is all we know so far about Yellowstone season 2004. Stay tuned for more news about Yellowstone season 04! I hope you enjoyed this article. We will see you next time. Stay safe until then.