Time to giddy up. There’s a new season of Yellowstone is on the horizon. Following last year’s nerve-wracking Season 3 finale, Yellowstone lovers have been champing at the bit to find the most recent addition to the Yellowstone saga. But information continues to be slim. Given the shocking turn of events that happened in the latest hour, it’s clear that Taylor Sheridan and his cast and crew have kept quiet about what is yet to come. But we are learning some notable facts — and hearing some rumors — about this year, which we’ll share at this time! Here’s what we know (so far) about Yellowstone Season 4. )

Yellowstone Season 4 Is Expected To Air This Summer, Though No Premiere Date Has Been Announced

Yellowstone is back on the saddle. Following a period of uncertainty regarding Season 4’s production program and eventual launch, it was shown that filming started in late summer/early autumn 2020 also continued through November. Typically, Yellowstone premieres in June, even though it’s unclear if that’s the strategy this time around. We are in the thick of May, and we haven’t seen any promotions for this new season. It’s not unreasonable to assume, therefore, that Season 4 will broadcast later in the summer. Perhaps in the early days of collapse. However, June is the rumored start date; keep your eye out for any announcements in the not-too-distant long run — maybe even in the weeks or days beforehand.

Production Completely Moved To Montana In Season 4, Though The Show Also Reportedly Filmed In Fort Worth, TX

Even though Yellowstone, the show, is put in Montana, praosuction on the first 3 seasons has been localized in Utah, with a portion of shooting taking place in Darby, Montana. With Season 4, but the production took place entirely in Montana, which could be about the price of filming reportedly becoming more economical in recent days, as well as the series receiving more funds from the executives at Paramount due to its growing success. Though Yellowstone is sticking to Montana today, there were also reports that production took place (albeit briefly) in Fort Worth, TX, which makes sense when they filmed any scenes connected to the spin-off, Yellowstone: 6666.

Kevin Costner Is Set To Return In Yellowstone Season 4, Though He’s Coy About John Dutton’s Future

It is difficult to imagine Yellowstone with no Kevin Costner’s looming star presence. His documented involvement in this prestige series is among the main reasons why individuals were drawn to have a look at the show, and it’s given the celebrity one of his finest celebrity vehicles in years — particularly at a time when Hollywood is not especially inclined to finance the sort of western projects that feature his A-list existence. Regardless, it would be a mighty huge shame if Costner was no longer the central focus of Yellowstone, but that should not be a concern leading into Season 4. The Oscar winner is going to be reprising his character as John Dutton, though it’s unclear what the future will hold for the personality moving forward.

In an interview to promote Let Me Move (which can be well worth a watch), Kevin Costner remained coy about John Dutton’s future, cryptically admitting that”there’s an ending that” we’re” gonna see,” and one which Costner expects is”powerful” From that point, the actor noted that he tries to make things which have a”dramatic arc,” and Yellowstone is no exception. Whether we see that the tail-end of that arc in Yellowstone Season 4 remains to be seen.

Kelly Reilly Is Expected To Appear, Though Beth’s Fate Remains Unknown

During the explosive Season 3 finale, the fate of Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton was deemed uncertain. The troubled character confronted her fair share of jealousy over the course of the narrative, and this latest hurdle continues to test Beth’s resilience. While we can’t say for certain if she is alive, there’s good reason to feel that Reilly will return for Season 4.

In an Esquire interview, Kelly Reilly discussed Beth’s fate following Season 3’s finale in obscure terms, though she implied that Beth lives to see another evening — though she’ll probably be pretty shaken up after this entire ordeal. As she mentioned in the discussion, there is the lingering question of whether the Dutton family will see a happy ending in this ongoing saga. The actress openly wonders if”happiness [is] something that’s an ultimate end target” to get Beth. She didn’t elaborate too intensely but, based on Reilly’s phrasing here, an individual can presume that Beth remains among the living.

Jefferson White Claims Yellowstone Season 4 Is The ‘Best Season Yet’

Expectations are certainly high for Yellowstone Season 4. The western drama series only continues to increase its following, and Season 3’s bombastic blowout of a finale suggests that there are significant ramifications in store for this newest block of TV. The showrunners and celebrities are (obviously) staying mum about what’s going to occur this time around, however, one actor is not reluctant to talk about his fond feelings for this season.

In a recent interview, Jefferson White, i.e. Jimmy Hurdstrom, asserted that Yellowstone Season 4 is not just good but also the”best season yet.” He noted that these new episodes are”incredible” and he commended the creation for its”transformative” effect it had by shooting completely in Montana. The actor also teased fans by claiming that, whilst Season 3 had a slow-burn pace, Season 4″ starts out in this breakneck speed” which can keep fans glued to their screens. White is particularly fond of the Season 4 premiere, which he distinguishes as his”favorite installment of the series.” There you have it, people! Get hyped.

Yellowstone Season 4 Isn’t Expected To Be The Final Season

If you are concerned that Yellowstone is winding down its lonesome street, fret not. There’s reason to think that the western drama will continue down its own path past Season 4.

The site for the Chief Joseph Ranch, where Yellowstone is often filmed, says they are completely full with reservations in 2021, and they noted the filming schedule for 2022 is now”not accessible.” Although this information doesn’t guarantee that Season 5 is filming there, there is reason to think that Paramount will hold tight to the pivotal place in the hopes of filming at least one more time at this ranch. Certainly, Taylor Sheridan has noticed he has an ending for Yellowstone in mind, and it sounds like he’s aiming to push the series toward that conclusion, rather than try to expand the display indefinitely.

In a nutshell, Season 4 has not been announced as the last year, so it may be safe to assume there will be one more, but we are going to have to wait and watch.

Yellowstone Fans Can Look Forward To More Than Just Season 4

It’s no secret that Paramount is in the Yellowstone business. The business is clearly overjoyed from the show’s continued and growing success, and they want to capitalize on it, particularly with their newfound streaming service, Paramount+.

In the next couple of years, we will see not one, but two spin-offs set in the Yellowstone world. They are titled (at least ) Yellowstone: 1883 and Yellowstone: 6666. The former is defined as a prequel that follows the early settler times of the Dutton family; the latter is expected to stick to the day-to-day trials and tribulations of one of America’s most historic and foundational ranches. Certainly, the two shows should interest anybody who enjoys the rough-and-tumble old-fashioned charm of Yellowstone, and we are going to find out more about these upcoming shows in the months beforehand. But rest assured, Yellowstone Season 4 is not the end of this popular program not by a longshot.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Those Who Wish Me Dead’s Finn Little is rumored to appear in Yellowstone Season 4 as a pivotal character, although that casting information hasn’t been confirmed. For further updates on Yellowstone, keep up with CinemaBlend!