During the last few months, Murphy was the protagonist in a storyline that involved Seth Rollins and the Mysterio family, reaching the point of developing a love story with Aaliyah Mysterio. At the end of the rivalry, Murphy has stopped appearing on television and the relationship with Rey Mysterio’s daughter was in limbo.

According to a report by Ringside News journalist Steve Carrier, Murphy has been backstage all this time, but W WE would have no plans for him at the moment. We have been asked about Murphy’s condition since he disappeared from television. We were told that, like Bo Dallas, Murphy is backstage waiting to be assigned to a match. They just don’t have anything to offer him and he’s not being used. There’s no telling what will happen to his history with Aaliyah Mysterio.

After defeating Seth Rollins, the Mysterio family entered into a rivalry with Baron Corbin, who made fun of them. Murphy, representing the family, Murphy faced the King twice, his last fight being on December 4. Not satisfied with the victory, Corbin appeared with Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler to attack the Mysterios, forming the group that would later be known as Knight of the Lone Wolf.

The story between the Mysterio family (including Murphy) and Corbin did not continue to unfold. In a recent interview, Rey Mysterio revealed that in December of last year, he and his entire family were diagnosed positive for COVID-19. After returning from a SmackDown show, Rey began to have symptoms, and days later Dominik and Aaliyah. It should be noted that Aaliyah was the only member of the family who never received a positive diagnosis, despite suffering the same symptoms as her parents and brother.