There is a week left until Royal Rumble and WWE begins to think about the stellar events of WrestleMania. The last thing that had come to us was that only the company had decided the rival of Roman Reigns and that there was still not something certain about the fight for the WWE Championship and the direction of Raw.

In the last hours the WrestleVotes Twitter account has published very relevant information about it. According to this medium, WWE will have Goldberg and John Cena to reinforce the main events of the two nights. In addition, there is speculation about the possibility of using The Undertaker, who for the moment will remain in the bedroom and will only return if Vince McMahon really needs him.

Once the decision was made to run the 2-night undercard for Mania, the creative team began working on bigger ideas, WrestleVotes wrote. The thinking is that WWE now needs 4 MAIN matches, 2 per program. That will probably require outside help from big names. Cena and Goldberg are almost confirmed. The Rock is unlikely.

John Cena had his last match at WrestleMania 36 ​​when he faced Bray Wyatt in a cinematic match. Goldberg will have a very important fight at Royal Rumble. He will face Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship and there is some uncertainty about the outcome of that match, especially considering that Goldberg is part of those four important matches.

On The Undertaker, they provided some more information about it. Follow up on Taker. Most of those behind the scenes think it is over. And rightly so. However, it only takes one call.