WWE is a few weeks away from Elimination Chamber 2021, their next PPV that will take place on February 21, and so far they have not confirmed anything for the event. However, this could change next Monday on Monday Night Raw.

During the last edition of Talking Smack, Paul Heyman got very serious with the WWE official Adam Pearce, telling him that this Monday a decision must be made regarding the fight of WWE champion, Drew McIntyre in the Elimination Chamber or that you could be out of a job.

This Monday night he will appear on Monday Night RAW and he will have no choice but to announce RAW’s main fight for the PPV, Elimination Chamber. You have no choice because if you don’t Mr. Pearce you’ve put yourself in a difficult position. Either he announces the main Raw fight for Elimination Chamber or he can directly go to the stoppage queue.

Also, Heyman told Pearce that Edge has yet to make a decision on who he will face at WrestleMania 37, but that is no reason to have the WWE Champion standing still until the answer is known.

It should be remembered that this next Monday on Raw, Drew McIntyre will talk about the attack that Sheamus gave him during the last episode of the red mark. Both wrestlers have already agreed to have a match against each other, but WWE has yet to announce anything for Elimination Chamber 2021.