The episode of SmackDown was great. The beginning of the show was seen with the brilliant sagas of Roman Rance and Jay Uso, while the storyline moved forward towards the end. The episode from SmackDown was highly anticipated and WWE did a great job. WWE is now planning for TLC.

Because of this, many storylines in SmackDown were seen moving forward. The Blue Brand episodes have been very good over the years and this episode of SmackDown was good. Despite this, WWE had a chance to make it even better. The WWE made good bookings but at some places the WWE made mistakes.

This thing mainly disappointed the fans. Every episode has something that frustrates fans a lot and proves to be a big mistake by WWE. So we’ll talk about the three big mistakes of the episode of SmackDown.

1.Pinned Champions in SmackDown

In the episode of SmackDown, the tag team Champions Street Profits were seen with Robert Rudd and Dolph Ziggler. It was clear from this match that WWE is bringing them together to create future storylines for both tag teams. The bad thing during this time was that the Champions lost big.

In the Survivor Series, he won the big match on a legendary tag team like New Day. It was the biggest and important victory of his career. During this time, it was shocking to have a clean defeat of the champions in the next episode. The WWE could have carried the storylines in some other way, but the end of the match thus made Street Profits look weak.

2.Good matches don’t end well

Episodes of SmackDown have been seeing good matches for quite some time. Many good matches were seen this week too, but two big and important matches did not end well. Sammy Jane and Daniel Bryan’s brilliant match ended with a countout.

During this time, the match between Murphy and King was also full of interference. Also, the match between Jay Uso and Kevin Owens in the main event was also going well, but later it ended with DQ. WWE has certainly disappointed with the end of two big matches booked in this manner.

3.Watching the Roman Reigns become insulted and not counterattack

Kevin Owens hit back at Jay Uso after the main event match ended DQ. At the same time, challenging the Roman Reigns, he attacked J Uso tremendously. He continued to talk poorly for Rance.

By the end, he challenged Roman to come there. Despite this, Roman kept watching backstage on TV and did not enter the ring. This thing has definitely made Roman look a little weak this week. WWE can further improve this segment.