WWE Shop recently announced they will be releasing a limited-edition Signature Series Championship replica in honor of The Undertaker because he comes upon his own 30th anniversary since his debut at Survivor Series.

WWE in honor of The Undertaker will be releasing two distinct editions of the title. The first will be a Deluxe version while the other name will be a Standard one. The Deluxe version is expected to be on sale from the 20th of November on the WWE Shop.

The two titles will be accessible to lovers of The Undertaker and the WWE Universe at some exuberant prices. The normal edition is available on the WWE Shop right now at a cost of $499.99. Whereas the Deluxe edition is only going to be accessible to 100 lucky fans at $999.99.

The Undertaker replica title is designed in the image of the first title he won in 1991

WWE pulled all of the stops while creating the Deluxe edition of this replica title, with a layout that honors not only the iconic character that’s The Undertaker but in addition his first-ever name win against Hulk Hogan in Survivor Series in 1991.

The plan has a genuine leather strap, in an urn-shaped carrying case along with the metal plates resemble the Winged Eagle version of the WWE Championship that The Undertaker held during his first reign. The one difference in the original design is that the plates have a purple and silver color instead of the original gold and blue.

The leather strap is crafted in a Gothic style and silhouette. The plates that are made from a zinc alloy plating feature The Deadman’s iconic emblem and yet another”Rest In Peace”, engraved where the buckle can be secured.

Overall, the plan of the belt and the momentous event it had been made to honor is however a small way for WWE to demonstrate its appreciation for the 30 decades of hard work and effort the Phenom has given the company. Fans of The Undertaker will have to be fast if they hope to get their hands on this particular piece of memorabilia.