WWE broadcast today, Thursday, February 4, 2021, a new episode of its weekly show NXT UK through WWE Network. As usual, the British brand made the recordings from the BT Sport studio in London, UK. The show featured a fight between Jordan Devlin and Dave Mastiff. Next, we leave you with the results.

 Xia Brookside Vs. Nina Samuels

Xia began by charging at his rival, responding to provocations, and controlling the first exchanges. Samuels managed to recover after a Reverse Suplex and continued to apply a pair of locks to reduce his opponent. Brookside escaped an opponent’s grasp and counterattacked with more Headscissors elbows. The young fighter did not stop there and chained a double knee to the cornerback plus Facebuster to close to victory. Samuels tried to put distance in between by causing his opponent to trip on the ropes but ended up receiving a Dropkick.

The fight continued outside, with Xia executing a Frankensteiner leaning on the edge of the ring. Samuels pulled away in time and pushed Brookside against the metal steps. Samuels made a distraction by throwing a suitcase into the ring and took the opportunity to hit Brookside’s head with his bag, securing the count of three.

Winner: Nina Samuels

Samuels celebrated the victory, stating that the Brookside is only good for carrying their suitcases. Meanwhile, Xia was left in the ring dejected after the defeat.

NXT UK Assistant General Manager Sid Scala was being interviewed at the Performance Center about the upcoming fight for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships. However, Jordan Devlin made an appearance upon arrival at the venue, asking the manager if he was doing his job seriously. He still does not know who will face him today and Scala replies that they are still thinking about it. Devlin gets angry and asked for a rival who can push him to the limit.

Jack Starz is being interviewed about his time at NXT UK. The fighter is positive until he is interrupted by Sid Scala. They both talk behind a door until Starz decides to leave.

 Josh Morrell Vs. Joseph Conners (Accompanied By Jinny)

Conners was quicker at the start and outscored his rival. Morrell managed to level the situation with a Dropkick, sending his opponent outside. Conners spoke to Jinny and “La Fashionista” reminded her that there was no one who could stand up to her. Conners returned to the inside of the ring confident and began to punish the arm of his opponent and then throw him face-to-face against a cornerback. His offense did not stop there, continuing with a Clothesline on Morrell to close to victory.

Morrell tried to reply but only ran into a Backbreaker. The young fighter put distance and combined Spinning Heel Kick, Senton Drop plus a Hip Toss. Conners managed to get out of the way in time and let his rival miss a jump. Hurricanrana of Conners, leaving the account in two. The NXT UK fighter followed up, grabbed his opponent’s leg, and executed a DDT. Conners ended up finishing off with a Neckbreaker, securing the count of three.

Winner: Joseph Conners

Sha Samuels starred in a promotional video, talking about her life before WWE and highlighting her 18 years of experience. Regarding his stay at NXT UK, Samuels stated that he did not enter the business to be the best, but to hurt people and his path begins now.

Xia Brookside searched the corridors for Sid Scala after what happened earlier today. The angry fighter asked for a rematch against Nina Samuels at any time, facing the WWE assistant.

 Ilja Dragunov Vs. Tyson T-Bone

Both of them launched the attack as soon as the bell rang. T-Bone took the lead attacking Dragunov’s back and midsection, although the Unbesiegbar regained ground after a powerful Chop. Sam Gradwell came around the ring and began to insult the fighter of Russian descent. T-Bone got rid of a Katagatame and returned to the load with the work on the back of his rival. The Crimson Menace elbowed on the run though T-Bone managed to equalize with a Back Suplex.

Dragunov dodges a Clothesline by making the bridge and counterattacks with Enzuigiri. T-Bone is not far behind and executes a Half Nelson Suplex that took Ilja outside. Gradwell approached Dragunov to provoke him and T-Bone hit the back of the Unbesiegbar. Dragunov unleashed himself, knocking his opponent down and returning him to the ring. Torpedo Moscow’s attempt followed by a series of elbows to the head of T-Bone, who is knocked unconscious. The referee decides to end the fight.

Winner: Ilja Dragunov

Dragunov kept nudging until he regained his sanity. Gradwell insults him from outside the ring, saying that Ilja is a disappointment to his family, is an adult, and does not control his feelings. Dragunov kicked Gradwell and they were kept apart after the officers’ intervention.

Meiko Satomura is announced to make her NXT UK debut next week.

 Danny Jones Vs. Joe Coffey

Jones landed a slap at the start to anger the Gallus leader. Coffey hit Pounce plus Side Slam and kept hitting his opponent. Jones counterattacked with Uppercuts and a powerful knee, although he was instantly hit with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex from his opponent. Jones insisted on the offense, hit Enzuigiri, and grabbed on Sleeper. The Iron King held the key, threw it at a cornerback, and took the opportunity to propel his adversary through the air. Coffey finished off with his Glasgow Sendoff plus Best for the Bells combo for the count of three.

Winner: Joe Coffey

Coffey grabbed a mic and mentioned that last week he ran into Rampage Brown, someone ready to fight. However, before facing the Gallus leader you must make a name for yourself, you must defeat someone until you can join. Rampage Brown comes to the ring and says he accepts the challenge anytime, anywhere. Both meet face to face to finish the segment.

A new video compiles what happened last week during the Fatal 4-Way by elimination to decide the next challengers to the Gallus NXT UK Tag Team Championships (Wolfgang and Joe Coffe). The winners are shown, Pretty Deadly (Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley), who talk about their rivalry with Gallus and how they want to rise to the top.

Another video compiles the rivalry between The Hunt (Primate and Wild Board, accompanied by Eddie Dennis) against Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews, a story that goes back almost a year ago. The last chapter, Eddie Dennis’s attack on Mark Andrews in the Fatal 4-Way, costing him the fight.

Announcements For Next Week:

Noam Dar’s Supernova Sessions with Sha Samuels as guest
Meiko Satomura’s debut
Street Fight: The Hunt (Primate and Wild Boar) (accompanied by Eddie Dennis) vs. Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews
Jordan Devlin, NXT Cruiserweight Champion, comes to the ring and remembers that Sid Scala has tried to find him a challenger without success. He claims you have to take care of yourself if you want it to work and calls any fighter under 205 pounds … Dave Mastiff is heading to the ring! Devlin reminds him that he doesn’t give the weight to fight for the belt. Mastiff acknowledges that it is obvious and that Devlin is saving the title to Trent Seven. On the other hand, he just wants to kick Devlin in the head, then shoving the champion. Devlin accepts the duel.

 Jordan Devlin vs. Dave Mastiff

They both started evenly, looking for arms control. Mastiff showed his strength and agility, surprising the champion with a Senton Drop. The Bomber continued to control the fight until Devlin hit him with Jawbreaker. Mastiff pushed him from corner to corner and used a German Suplex, bringing the count to two. The Irish Ace resisted, avoided a German Suplex, and dropped his opponent with a Shoulder Block to the knee.

Devlin punished his opponent’s knee and took him to the corner, where “The Bomber” responded with a Diving Shoulder Block. After a cross of blows, Mastiff was superior in strength and sent the Irishman to the outside when pushing him against a corner. Devlin reacted by taking his rival outside and flew in Plancha. However, Mastiff caught him in midair and transformed him into Senton Roll. The Englishman swooped into Into the Void on the outskirts, but Devlin backed away and let his opponent slam into the fences.

They return to the ring with complications and Mastiff decides to jump from the third rope in Diving Headbutt, leaving the count at two. Devlin avoids the grip of his opponent, hits with Dropkick on the injured leg of the Bomber, and uses a Slingshot Cutter. Devlin ends with a 450º Splash for the count of three.

Winner: Jordan Devlin