Shotzi Blackheart vs. Candice LeRae with Indi Hartwell
Shotzi starts with the advantage of the fight. Candice escapes from an arm lock and gains space thanks to a distraction from Indi Hartwell. The one from The Way gains control during the commercial cut until Blackheart connects an Enzuigiri to make room. He stays ahead of the fight until Candice escapes for a Garga-No Escape. Shotzi breaks the lock and connects a DDT in the corner. Indi distracts her again and LeRae finishes with a Swinging Neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Candice LeRae on the count of three

Finn Balor makes his entrance to the ring for a promo. The champion offers his praise to Kyle O’Rilley but clarifies that he did not achieve what he promised when he was defeated last week. He warns that his victory was only a warning to the next challenger, to which Pete Dunne appears on the scene alongside Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch. The former UK champion clarifies that he is tired of seeing him as the face of European wrestling and will take the place as his next rival by force. The trio attack Bálor! The owner of the NXT Championship leaves him on the ground until Kyle O’Rilley shows up to save him. Roderick Strong and Adam Cole also appear and the three chase away the rude. Bálor only watches them and retires backstage.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 2021 Round 1
Grizzled Young Veterans Zack Gibson and James Drake vs. Ever-Rise Chase Parker and Matt Martel
Drake dominates over Martel and his partner keeps the lead for the team. Drake is in danger when Martel kicks his opponent’s body. James tries to reassure his partner and takes over to gain ground. Martel escapes from an arm lock and relieves Chase. The latter gets some ground by hitting his two opponents. Ever-Rise prepares to finish the job, but James defends himself with the help of his partner at ringside, and both apply their Ticket to Mayhem. 1.2.3

Grizzled Young Veterans will face The Way or Kushida and Leon Ruff in the second round of the tournament.

Shotzi Blackheart makes a statement backstage. She clarifies that she will be looking for a partner for the Dusty Rhodes Women’s Tag Team Classic. Describing that she needs someone loyal, trustworthy and a warrior, Ember Moon appears on the scene and declares that together they will make history in the tournament.

Johnny Gargano with Austin Theory vs. Dexter Lumis
Lumis lunges at Gargano and hits him repeatedly. The one from The Way will receive an Uppercut at ringside that leaves him knocked out for brief moments inside the ring. After struggling over a corner Lumis throws his opponent to the ground and jumps, but Johnny rolls into the corner and his opponent falls backward.
Gargano gains dominance during the commercial break.

Punch Lumis on the back several times until he counterattacks with an elbow and his Spinebuster. Dexter searches for the Jacket but is reversed by a Crucifix. Lumis is dizzy after a kick to the head. Gargano searches for the One Final Beat, but only receives the Jacket while Austin Theory creates a distraction. Johnny applies a Roll-Up and steals this victory.
Winner: Johnny Gargano on account of three

The Way attack Dexter Lumis after the fight. Kushida appears and attacks Gargano! He watches the North American Championship and throws it to his rival before heading backstage.

The Fight Pit between Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher is announced for next week. The two exchange words at a table with Wade Barret as the mediator. The two speak very enraged without taking their eyes off the other.

MSK is finally revealed to the NXT audience. Formerly known as Zackary Wentz and Dezmond Xavier introduce themselves as Nash Carter and West Lee

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 2021 (Round 1)

Isaiah Swerve Scott and Jake Atlas vs. MSK (Nash Carter and West Lee)
Isaiah and Carter start. The MSK man manages to escape from an arm lock and relieves his partner who is outmatched at ringside. Nash comes to the rescue and West takes a jump from the ring to knock his rivals out of the way.
Nash dominates with a padlock on his back after the commercial break. He relieves his partner, who keeps everything under control for his team. MSK Hot Fire Flame! West and Swerve are left alone in the ring. Carter takes over by surprise and they apply a combination of Neckbreaker and Backbreaker for the victory.
Winners: MSK on account of three

MSL will face Curt Stallion and Austin Gray, or Drake Maverick and Killian Dain in the next round.

The Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic kicks off next week Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter will face Toni Storm and Mercedes Martinez in the first round. Also announced are The Way Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae and the pair of Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon in the competition.

Scarlett performs tarot on a table while anticipating that Finn Balor will be Carrion Kross’s next target.

Xia Li with Boa vs. Valentina Feroz
With a blow to the face and a super

On the orders of the mysterious figure on the throne, Xia Li continues to attack her rival for several moments.

Bronson Reed separates Isaiah Swerve Scott and Jake Atlas who were arguing backstage. Scott confronts him and warns him to stay out of his business.

Announced Fight House Party against Imperium and Kushida and Leon Ruff to The Way as Dusty Rhodes struggles Tag Team Classic for next week.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Round 1
Breezango Tyler Breeze and Fandango) vs. Undisputed Era Roderick Strong and Adam Cole with Kyle O’Reilly
Adam Cole and Tyler Breeze start very evenly and take over from their teammates. Breezango overcomes the match during the commercial break. Cole enters the ring and gains some space. He throws a kick from ringside on Breeze and they both relieve again. Roderick dominated Fandango with several quick attacks.

Undisputed Era looks for the kick and Backbreaker combination but they count only reaches two. Fandango dodges the Last Shot and relieves Tyler. The latter seeks an advantage with his partner, but Roderick comes to the rescue, and the four end up against the canvas. Pete Dune Oney Lorcan, and Danny Burch attack Kyle O’Reilly! Finn Balor comes on stage to assist Kyle. Cole is distracted but manages to apply a Superkick for the count of three.
Winners: Undisputed Era on account of three

Undisputed Era will face Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari, or Ashante Adonis and Desmond Troy in the next round.