WWE: John Cena gave his view on the current-day WWE scenario during a meeting with Boston Wrestling, such as Roman Reigns’ recent drastic personality changes.

John Cena’s father confessed he has been critical of Roman Reigns previously, particularly during his babyface singles conduct. However, he believes we are now seeing the very best of Roman Reigns in his storyline with Jey Uso on SmackDown.

“It takes two [Roman Reigns and Jey Uso] to make it work, and for the first time in WWE, as far as I’m concerned – you know what I thought of Roman Reigns, I was always upfront with it. Now, I tell you what, it had to be Paul Heyman that thought about this one, and Vince McMahon, to come up with turning Roman Reigns heel. It’s the best thing they ever could have done.”


The Shield carried Roman Reigns as per John Cena:

Roman Reigns debuted on WWE’s main roster alongside Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in November 2012. While his fellow Shield members listened in games outside of WWE, Roman Reigns lacked in-ring encounter when he started appearing on RAW and SmackDown.

John Cena Sr. stated Roman Reigns has been”transported” by Ambrose and Rollins throughout The Shield’s early days in WWE. He also believes WWE overexposed Roman Reigns, which finally led to fans turning against him.

“As far as The Shield goes, Roman was just part of a faction. The other two carried Roman Reigns, I’ll be right upfront with you. I think he will [agree with that] because he’s a very smart young man. I think the mistake they made with Roman Reigns was, ‘I don’t like roast beef but I’m gonna shove it down your throat anyway.’ And that’s what happened.”

Regarding Roman Reigns’ recent character, John Cena Sr. praised his latest job as The Tribal Chief of this Anoa’i family. However, he does not view him as the face of WWE.

“I think Reigns has reached a point in his life now where he’s on top of the world. But as far as you and everybody else saying the face of the company, it’s never going to happen again. You will never have the face of the company.”

Roman Reigns retained the WWE Universal Championship against his cousin, Jey Uso, in Clash of Champions and Hell in a Cell. He is currently planning to face Randy Orton in a Champion vs. Champion game at Survivor Series on November 22.