WWE Hell In Cell

One of the most dangerous events in the WWE calendar, WWE Hell in a Cell 2020, a professional
wrestling pay-per-view, and WWE Network event, took place at the Amway Center in Orlando,
Florida on October 25, 2020. The event was originally scheduled for November 1, but due to WWE’s
contract with the Amway Center expiring on October 31, the event was preponed by a week. This
year, three WWE Hell In A Cell cage-based matches took place – all were title defenses. Unlike the
steel cage match, inside Hell In A Cell, only an in-ring pinfall or submission would ordinarily result in
a win and there are no disqualifications.
Seven matches took place at the event, which also featured WWE’s new fan viewing experience
called “Thunderdome”, it utilizes lasers, drones, smoke, pyro, and projections. The Amway Center
was made home to approximately one thousand LED boards to allow fans to virtually be present at
the events for free and be seen on the rows and rows of LED boards. Chants from the fans could also
be heard as arena audio is also mixed with that of the virtual fans.
During the Kickoff pre-show, R-Truth defended his 24/7 Championship successfully against Drew
Gulak. The actual pay-per-view then opened with the Universal Champion Roman Reigns ruthlessly
defending his title against his cousin, Jey Uso, in a gruesome “I Quit” match inside the Hell in a Cell
structure. The match ended after a series of events, which included Roman assaulting Jey and his
brother Jimmy when Jey finally uttered the words “I quit”. The next singles match was won by Elias
as Jeff Hardy was disqualified for attacking Elias with his guitar. Then, we moved focus to Otis
defending his Money in The Bank contract against The Miz. The match took an unexpected turn
when Otis’ ‘Heavy Machinery’ partner, Tucker, turned on him and provided Miz with the victory.
In the fourth match, SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley went one-on-one against Sasha Banks
inside the WWE Hell In A Cell structure to defend her title. After an excruciating match where both
women utilized weapons including chairs, kendo sticks, a table, and a ladder, Banks forced Bayley to
submit and won the title.
During the pre-show, Retribution’s leader Mustafa Ali had challenged The Hurt Business to a
one-on-one match on the main show. The Hurt Business accepted the challenge and decided that
the United States Champion Bobby Lashley would face Retribution’s Slapjack with Lashley also
defending his title. Lashley forced Slapjack to tap out to the Hurt Lock to successfully defend his title.
In the main event, Drew McIntyre was poised to defend his WWE Championship against ‘the Viper’
Randy Orton. The match took place in the WWE Hell In A Cell structure. Orton dominated the early
proceedings by attacking McIntyre’s injured jaw. The match involved extraordinary buts where Orton
used bolt cutters to cut the chain off the cell door. Both men eventually scaled to the roof of the cell
from where McIntyre was pushed down through the announce table. Orton, then used his finishing
move, RKO, to win his 10th WWE Championship.