Daniel Bryan is the first to step into the ring, to remember that although he has been the protagonist of many moments in WWE history, what he has never been able to achieve is to win at the Royal Rumble.

He is aware that he does not have many years ahead of him so he assures that he is ready to give his all and even though there are 29 other fighters, he will be victorious. AJ Styles, accompanied by Omos, comes on stage to boast like the one who decides who is worthy and who is not apart from being a trend leader.

Daniel challenges him to hand-to-hand combat, and AJ responds that while he was focusing 100% of his energy on focusing on the Royal Rumble, he has no drama of destroying Daniel tonight. He pushes him, and when Daniel tries to fight back, Omos gets in the way. Daniel promises him that with or without Omos, he will get over it tonight.

Kayla Braxton interviews Bayley, who rejoices as she remembers how she attacked and injured Bianca Belair during her athletic competition last week. He says that Bianca should understand that her place is in the trash and nothing more than that.

Bianca Belair Vs. Bayley

Both start with a headlock, and then Bayley moves on to a knee kick and chin lock. Belair replicates with a tourniquet and suplex. Facebuster of the ex-Champion, who shakes Bianca by grabbing her braid. Returning from commercials, Bayley attempts a kick to the chin, but Bianca lifts her to apply Powerbomb.

He keeps hammering, but when he tries to follow him with tackle, and Bayley raises his knees. The Role Model gives you an arm drag from the third-string and then a Bionic Elbow. After resisting three cover attempts, Bianca responds with a punch a carry-drop to the corner, and then a Kiss of Death.

Winner: Bianca Belair Via pinfall.

After the fight, Bianca assures that Bayley is not her role model, and the only thing that will feel better than this victory is when she conquers the Royal Rumble.

Baron Corbin Vs Dominik Mysterio

When Corbin steps out into the ring, Dominik attacks him from behind. The fight begins after the publicity shoot, and Dominik dodges a lariat to continue with a knee to the neck. He connects two hooks to the liver, but when he attempts the facebuster, Corbin transitions to a cross-Supplex.

Baron lands a lariat, and Dominik responds with a scissor kick and reverse plank. After a hurricanrana, Dominik makes a 619 attempt, but Baron grabs his legs to give him a powerbomb. He continues with a sidewalk slam and despite Corbin trying to stay in the fight with a scissor kick, Baron slams him with the End of Days.

Winner: Baron Corbin Via Pinfall.

After the fight, Baron tries to attack Rey Mysterio, who is at the comment table. Rey dispatches him to later help his son.

Big E, The Miz, and John Morrison are n with Sonya Deville, in control of the show to being Adam Pearce suspended. Big E is eager to know his entry number for the Rumble, while Morrison and Miz brag that they are waiting for just the right moment to trade in his briefcase. Sonya says that she is busy with other things, and leaves. the Miz provokes Big E, and they begin to fight.

After greeting Kalisto backstage, Sasha Banks meets Reginald, who claims to come in peace and offers him a bottle of wine specially chosen by him, to help him get rid of the bad taste in his mouth that he will have after the defeat that Carmella will provide. Sasha laughs and says that she doesn’t need the bottle, since Carmella will be the one to be outclassed and leaves.

Sami Zayn meets Shinsuke Nakamura and says he is very sorry that Cesaro and the Japanese have ceased to be a team, but also reminds him of their happy days as friends, and implores him to help him regain the intercontinental title. It also reminds him of everything he has done for Shinsuke in NXT.

Nakamura replies that he does not forget, and will always appreciate Sami’s help, but now he sends him to fry asparagus.

Kevin Owens And Roman Reigns

Accompanied by Paul Heyman, hold a video conference. Kevin asks to remember that he has already beaten Roman more than once, but that in the Last Man Standing match, he will finally put the points on the i’s.

Roman asks him if Kevin’s father has been a good person, and before the affirmative answer, he asks if he considers his father an intelligent man, since he does not seem to have taught him the most basic concepts, such as that Roman is the king of a chessboard where Owens is nothing more than a pawn, who does not know his place in the hierarchy of the industry.

Roman says he does not blame Kevin, but his upbringing, since evidently his father is a fool, and therefore, his grandfather is a fool. Kevin warns him to put his family aside, as things will not end in the best way. It also informs you that the last thing your family would want is that you recognize him as your tribal chief. He vows to come out on Sunday as Universal Champion, and Roman turns off his camera.

AJ Styles (With Omos) Vs Daniel Bryan

Cesaro is at the comment table. Daniel and AJ exchange flips and keys. Bryan’s monkey flip and AJ responds with a sling blade and bump. Bryan responds with a kick to the thigh and chops. Bryan climbs the third rope, but Sami Zayn appears protesting. AJ takes advantage of the distraction to push Daniel out of the ring.