WWE: Big E’s ongoing singles conduct includes a great deal of hope as the lovers anticipate the former WWE Tag Team Champion to be a recognized singles babyface star due to the push.

The WWE split the New Day through the WWE Draft, and Big E may also have a huge change to escape from his former act. Significant E revealed on the Gorilla Ranking podcast which there have been talks about thinking up a new theme song or a unique presentation for his singles character.

We talked about a few thoughts like new music for me or a new presentation. We spoke about when the right time would be to play with it. The wonderful part is I feel like I have a voice with the SmackDown creative group. We Can go back and forth on a few thoughts, and they are actually listening.”

Big E is also glad he is working with a reciprocating inventive team on SmackDown.Big E also revealed the thought to drive him as a solo star came from Daniel Bryan, and he is really grateful to the 5-time WWE Champion for the creative inputs.

“Additionally, I have to give credit to Daniel Bryan because the thought for the Royal run was out of him. Bryan is your reason. He’s actually part of the process, and he is the person who said, hey, this is what we must do with Big E. He is the one behind this, and therefore, I am quite thankful. But it feels like I do have a voice. I am not saying that I get to do anything I wish to by any means. I believe Raw has a fantastic roster, but I love our roster. I look around, and I visit a great deal of talent. I believe we have better with all the draft”

Big E’s push ought to end with a domain opportunity; however, if this could happen is anyone’s guess.