Zelina Vega made headlines in November 2020 when WWE announced her dismissal through an official statement. Social networks immediately turned to the fighter, because everything indicated that her departure was related to the restrictions that the company imposed on working with third parties such as Twitch, YouTube, or Cameo, among other platforms.

Thea Trinidad, the real name of the superstar is about to have full freedom to sign a contract with any company in the world as this week the 90-day non-competing clause that WWE imposes on its superstars will expire when their relationship is terminated. However, as reported by the specialized portal Fightful, it could take a while for Trinidad to appear on television again since for now, it seems that no reputable company has been interested in it. We have not heard that any company shows special interest in hiring it was the message published on the Patreon of the media.

Vega Has Remained Active On Twitch

The former WWE wrestler has continued to broadcast live on Twitch since then, where she has spoken on multiple occasions about what happened. Additionally, it was reported that the American Association of Film Actors and Radio and Television Artists made a commitment to Vega to bring professional wrestlers together to their organization.