Everyone was watching the top tv shows of the year in 2020. Netflix confirmed that Ozark would get a fourth season. This was to the dismay of many viewers. It would also be the last season for the Jason Bateman/Laura Linney-starring show.

Ozark’s final episode may still have plenty to offer fans. Killer Mike, Run the Jewels artist, revealed that he will be appearing in an upcoming Ozark episode in an exclusive interview with Billboard.

Killer Mike shared his excitement with Billboard by posting the information to his Instagram account.

“I went beyond waiting to find out the next thing to being part. “I’m excited,” the legendary artist from Atlanta told Billboard in an exclusive statement.

As previously reported, Ozark’s fourth and final season is going to be the most epic yet. The super-sized season will include 14 episodes and will be divided into two parts. The final season of Ozark has just gotten more interesting, with Killer Mike joining the cast.

Keep an eye out for Killer Mike’s appearance in Ozark as Netflix’s hit series returns for its final season.