Greg Barclay, the newly appointed chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC), admitted on Monday that the World Test Championship could not achieve the goal for which it was created. The disruption caused by Kovid-19 only exposed its ‘shortcomings’.

Due to the epidemic, the schedule of the World Test Championship (WTC) got disrupted. The ICC decided to give points in percentage terms because all the scheduled series before the final at Lord’s in 2021 cannot be completed in such a short time.

Did the Test Championship change the format according to the purpose, he said during the virtual media conference, “I don’t think so in a nutshell. Kovid-19 has probably highlighted the deficiencies of the championship.

Barclay of New Zealand feels that a lot of problems in the current cricket calendar were due to the World Test Championship, which was brought to popularize the format and according to him it did not happen.

He said, ‘The issues we had, I think some of it was due to the effort to bring in the Test Championship, which was intended to bring back people’s interest in Test cricket.’

Barclay said, ‘From an idealistic point of view, it was quite good, but practically I too do not agree with it. I am also not sure that it has achieved what it was designed for. ‘

Rather Barclay indicated that the initial WTC could be final as younger members could not hold the Test Cricket Championship. He said, ‘My personal view is that whatever we can do in Kovid-19, we can do it by dividing the digits and that’s it.’

He said, “But once we do this, we should talk again because I am not sure that it (WTC) achieved its purpose, for which it was created after consideration four-five years ago.” I think we should look at it according to the calendar and not bring the cricketers in such a situation in which it only worsens the situation. ‘