Ever since NBC canceled Manifest after three seasons, fans have rallied behind the beloved missing plane drama. Whether it’s giving the series new life on Netflix or trending the “Save Manifest” hashtag on Twitter, they have been fighting for Manifest season 4.

The first two seasons of Manifest began streaming on Netflix and immediately proved the cancellation was premature. From a rating standpoint, the numbers Manifest pulled while staking its claim in the Netflix top 10 make an excellent case that the series shouldn’t have been grounded.

NBC and Netflix were unable to ignore the overwhelming fan demand. They re-engaged in talks to save the series. This triggered a lot of excitement for Manifest season 4. But, nothing has been said about the show’s fate since the day when there was hope.

A fan theory claims that Manifest’s future decision has been made and will be delivered on August 28. It is also known as “828 days,” which refers to Flight-828, the show key number. Could we be getting some good news this month? Do you think it is all connected?

Will Manifest Season 4 Be Announced On 828 Day?

Netflix, NBC, or Warner Bros. has yet to confirm the claims of Manifest creator Jeff Rake. While it is entirely possible that renewal news could occur on 828 Day, this is just speculation. However, Netflix has a history of playing up Lucifer tease “666” angles so anything is possible.

 Not to mention, the announcement of good news for the Manifest on a day that means a lot would be the cherry on the cake after a frustrating few months in limbo. Let’s just be honest, we hope that Manifest beats the death date. It was never supposed to happen this quickly.

 Rake said in a tweet on August 12 that he is “a little preoccupied,” further fueling fan excitement that there might be something. While nothing has been confirmed or confirmed, we can trust Rake’s tease to keep us on our toes.

 To find out what Manifest will bring, we’ll have 828 days to wait. Netflix could drop season 3 there, which would be on schedule with Canada’s release date. But, we hope Rake is not preoccupied and that there will be good news.