According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, participation in gambling activities is over-represented in the country. More than 40% of Australian adults are regularly involved in online casinos and sports betting.

In 2020-2021, Aussies intensified their frequency and monthly spending on gambling (from $687 to $1,075). With COVID-19 restrictions, these numbers became even higher as access to land-based venues began to wane. Younger people now pay more attention to cybersport tournaments, traditional sports competitions, and casino table games.

It is estimated that in 2027 the australian online casino market will be valued at US$ 6.6 billion.

Thus, let’s find out why the gambling industry prospers in Australia. We will mention the main reasons that make online gaming businesses so attractive in this part of the world.

Aussies Have Well-Established Sports Betting Cultura

Online betting on sports has developed steadily in Australia since the early 2000s. In contrast, to live casino games (poker rooms, slot machines, etc.), sports betting is more prevalent among well-educated young audiences aged 18-25. They usually live in big cities and have the highest income level in the country.

In other words, sports betting is part of wealthy Australians’ lifestyles. Those people like to gamble on sports anywhere – at the university lecture, golf club, or at home. What is interesting, they use mobile phones rather than desktop versions of popular gambling websites for this. The most popular sports disciplines are AFL (77% of bettors), horse racing (76% of bettors), English Premier Sports Leagues soccer (54% of bettors), and NBA Basketball (51% of bettors).

Social media channels, e.g., Twitter, also facilitate the popularity of sports betting in Australia. According to the Twitter Insiders online survey, 72% of bettors check Twitter to follow the status of their live bets once made, and 65% said they are more motivated to place a bet on a big event that everyone is talking about on social media.

All in all, online sports betting is more than entertaining in Australia. It is a social norm.

Online Gambling Market Provides Realistic and Personalized Experience

No matter what your social status or gender is, all players can count on equal treatment and user experience in virtual casino sites. Online gambling is a fully egalitarian thing in Australia. Once the account is registered, every player can benefit from full access to the casino games and daily bonuses.

Although Aussies can enjoy complete anonymity while betting on sports or playing popular casino games, the best gambling sites, including Bambet, offer personalized rewards and extra bonuses for active users. For example, you can get a prize for the first, second, or third deposit.

You can also participate in the affiliate program, grabbing additional free spins or funds for gambling. Search for these opportunities on Youtube and other social media channels. Alternatively, you can ask the manager for special personalized bonuses. If you get any, you will get a notification. So you should not worry about missing out on any changes to make your gambling even more enjoyable!

All mentioned above create a feeling of exclusiveness in the virtual environment. To sum up, the gambling experience via smartphone is even more realistic today compared to a land-based casino.

It gives Australian players a better sense of their actions and how their decisions will affect the online game’s outcome and gambling revenue.

Online Casinos and Sportsbooks Constantly Work on Product Development

The best virtual casinos realize a holistic approach to online gambling. For the average Australian player, it means easy access to a wide variety of betting and gambling options simultaneously. Sitting on a sofa, you can bet on hundreds of sports tournaments worldwide. Or you can select a game from the broad palette of pokie, slot machines, and roulettes. All of this provides a total dose of entertainment and fulfills your expectations.

A User-friendly mobile gambling experience is not something new or exciting. The most prominent gambling sites have a big team of product development. They invest large sums of money to make their products more competitive in the global online gambling market. It is an absolute minimum each Australian can count on while gambling online.

Current VR casinos go beyond pseudo-3D interfaces. Instead, players are plunged into the casino floor. By using a VR headset and a compatible virtual reality gambling platform, players can enjoy an interactive lifelike casino experience. In other words, casino developers put more effort into integrating and introducing VR technology into gambling today.

Many believe that VR casinos are the future of this business. However, to fully enjoy virtual reality advantages, players, in most cases, need to buy special equipment. It creates additional costs associated with gambling.

Variable Deposit and Withdrawal Options

With the rapid growth of the e-commerce sector globally, many new payment providers appeared in the market. It is hard to find someone who has never heard about PayPal. However, thousands of others operate in particular countries or continents.

This means a complete game change within the last decade for the global gaming sector. If the privileged number of players used to complete bank transfers to top up their wallets in the 2000s, they would instead choose today a fast and reliable e-wallet popular in their country of residence.

While in the EU, the biggest gambling market for today, Skrill and Rapid are popular, eWay, SecurePay, and Pin payment gateways dominate the Australian market. No matter what e-wallet is your favorite one, you can count on fast and secure funds transfers into and from your best casino sites.

Besides real money operations, online gambling providers like Bambet integrate payments in cryptocurrencies. For you, it might mean getting your winnings in mere minutes! You can transfer your winnings in bitcoin and other top cryptos.

Convenience and Accessibility of Online Gambling

Unlike land-based establishments, online Casinos work all the time, regardless of the time of day. It enables the players to indulge in the fun anytime and anywhere. Whenever Aussies are bored, have free time, or need cash, they can log in and play online casino games. One can adjust playing to their everyday routine. It can even become a part of it.

In the 21st century, mobility is like breathing. We are constantly out, tending to our business and responsibilities. Online Casinos have that covered too. Their compatibility with various devices makes gambling widely accessible and, therefore, so convenient for Australians. The means of transport, waiting rooms, workplaces, coffee shops, restaurants, and parties are swamped with people who gamble online. This accessibility, ease of use, and comfort of having their favorite entertainment at their disposal make gambling appealing for many Aussies.

If You Do Not Know What It Is About, It Is Most Likely About Money

Let’s face it, gambling culture, technologically advanced games, and easy deposits are all a part of a marketing strategy. All the efforts made towards promoting gambling, making it appealing and effortless, are not disinterested. Money runs the world, and gambling establishments know it all too well. Gambling is a lucrative business for those who manage to win and those on the other side. That is why gambling is heavily advertised online.

You might imagine that gambling acts and restrictions would slow market development. However, plenty of companies adhere to the laws as there are still ways to advertise online gambling successfully. Additionally, many restrictions seem to have been issued in a way that allows gambling to develop freely. For example, the limits of the machines in some states are set at a level that has yet to be reached. And the numbers show that Aussies are not even close to reaching that limit!

After all, responsible gambling is not a threat to anyone. The government knows it, gambling enterprises know it too, and Australian citizens know it as well. It is instead an opportunity to earn a lot of money. And that applies to both sides of the business. That is why the popularity of this type of entertainment continues to grow.

Final Words

Australians always like to gamble in lotteries, scratch cards, horse ridings etc. Today these games are popular among older generations over their 50s, while young educated Australians prefer to place bets on soccer, basketball, and other sports disciplines.

The development of social media positively influences the popularity of sports betting in Australia. On the other hand, rapid progress in software and hardware technologies completely changes a fundamental understanding of what a casino experience is. Thanks to the rich games catalog and realistic gaming elements, today, each of us can benefit from virtual gambling while staying at home. You can earn exclusive rewards, including free spins and money in your favorite casino while realizing your daily routine.

You can gamble at the university, bookshop, in surfing lessons, etc. If it is not enough for you, try a VR casino and pay out your winnings in a few simple steps, thanks to the various payment options.