Recent episodes of WWE Raw saw a number of matches and segments related to the build-up of the storylines. The name of the World Champion Drew McIntyre’s challenger for the WWE TLC 2020 PPV has also appeared this week. Also, Asuka and Lana got a big win against the Women’s Tag Team Champions for the second consecutive week.

The superstar who garnered the most headlines was the one who brought her team to victory by pinning Shaina Bazzler. There have also been signs of a superstar cheating on his partner in a big match in Raw.

Keeping in mind all the matches and sagas in Raw, in this article we are putting before you the names of 3 superstars who have impressed with their performance and 2 who have proved to be flops.

– Randy Orton performed well in WWE Raw

Randy Orton featured in Raw’s early segment, Alexa Bliss and The Fiend Ring together. The ‘Moment of Bliss’ segment showed how Orton failed to win the No. 1 Contendership Qualifier match for the WWE Championship against AJ Styles due to The Fiend.

This week, The Viper stated that he was well aware of Wyatt and his weaknesses. As every time it was dark before The Find’s entry, but when illuminated back, Orton was seen standing with Alexa on his lap.

Due to this, the Fiend was in no position to attack and managed to escape from there. For the 14-time WWE Champion, it was great to get an edge in the storyline by playing the Mind games against Feind. Now in the coming weeks, it will be interesting to see how Alexa and Fiend teach a lesson to their enemy.

-Drew Gulak flopped

About a year ago there was an attempt to give Drew Gulk a big push by making him a partner of Daniel Bryan. Unfortunately in only 1 year, Gulak has become one of the lower card superstars.

R-Truth was hidden in a piano in the Elias vs Jeff Hardy match, and Ilyas found him. Meanwhile, Gulak also came running forward but Hardy also hit him with a guitar after slamming him.

-Cedric Alexander impressed

In Raw, Cedric Alexander competes with Xavier Woods, a member of The New Day. The two saw a fierce action-packed fight, in which Woods also left no stone unturned to show Alexander the mighty.

Alexander has secured yet another championship match against the Raw Tag Team Champions, having won.

-Ricochet flopped

Twitter passes have been debated in the past weeks between members of Ricochet and Retribution. In Raw, Ricoshe and Slapjack landed in the ring against each other. Neither Ricochet nor Slapjack could be shown as powerful in the match.

Ricochet’s journey to the main roster was progressing at a decent pace so far, but the defeat has closed all doors as he gets a push.

-AJ Styles impressed

AJ Styles faced Keith Lee and Riddle to win the WWE Championship match against Drew McIntyre at the TLC 2020 PPV in Raw. All three superstars performed brilliantly but in the end AJ Styles proved victorious.

The Phenomenal now got the title shot against McIntyre, so he was one of the top-grossing superstars in Raw.