• Know when the OB25 update will officially come to Free Fire?
  • New updates are coming soon in Free Fire and there will be some changes to the game.

Garena Free Fire’s advanced server is over. Now a new update will come soon and everyone is waiting for it.

Free Fire OB25 update will come on December 7

Electric surfboard changes

New weapon – Vector Akimbo

Weapons are also balanced

Free Fire Advanced Weapons

New characters

OB25 Advanced Server had three characters. Here are the characters:

Sverr (Strength – Going Berserk)

Sverre was also brought into the OB24 Advanced Server but was not added to the main version. The strength of this character is that it increases the damage by 15% by using 40 HP. The effect lasts for 5 seconds while its cooldown is 45 seconds.

Mystery Character (Strength – Time Turner)

The next character in this list will be named Mystery Character. This character has the power to create a force field in Free Fire so that it stops the damage of 500. You can shoot at enemies outside during this shield. Apart from this, the movement speed increases by 15% while its cooldown is 55 seconds.

Snowelle (Strength – Nano Nervous)

Snowelle has the power of “Nano Nerves”. Its base level is quite good. Many people will use this character as a backup. It is being told that players will not be able to convert their active skills and EP into HP for 5 seconds. Its cooldown is 45 seconds.

New belly

A new stomach named “Beaston” is about to arrive. With the help of this stomach, some percentage of the distance of grenades, glue walls, flashbangs, and smoke grades increases.

HUD features

A new feature of Free Fire Advance Server came in, called HUD and you can change two existing presets.