For now, the jury remains out on a Yellowstone season 4 premiere date, and that is frustrating for a lot of reasons.

Take, for starters, the fact that the first thought was that new episodes would air this weekend! There are still people around who unfortunately believe that it’s happening, though Paramount Network has yet to say anything about when their #1 show is back. Rest assured, however, that they are not likely to launch the series with no trailer or another substantial marketing ahead of time.

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We are aware that the system is stating something, but what about the cast? Would you get any suggestions from Kevin Costner or anybody else? In a word, no. There’s a fantastic likelihood that the cast doesn’t even know themselves when Yellowstone is coming back, as they have zero control over it. Even if they did, they’d be contractually bound to not leak it in advance. We are aware there are frustrated lovers aplenty asking them questions about a premiere date, however, they just can not answer them. (You can see a post from Costner beneath, one where he states he overlooks the ranch)

In the end, we’d envision that the cast would love to be aware of the premiere date just as much as anybody, as they spent months of their lives outside on location, trying to produce the best season yet. This particular batch of episodes was different than many, largely because of the especially tight regulations during the worldwide health catastrophe. The series was practically in a bubble regarding being far away from a lot of different people, and the locations were much more stripped-down than they have been around the past few decades.

When Do You Want To See Yellowstone Season 4 On The Air?

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