WhatsApp is functioning on tons of latest features. the most recent feature that has surfaced within the latest beta update may be a dedicated badge which will be used for mentioning people during group chats and more. As per the report, WhatsApp will add a replacement mention badge alongside the pin message option. The new feature has been spotted within the latest beta update.

As per Wabetainfo, WhatsApp has released today the two .21.3.13 beta update. a replacement mention badge has been added for group chats. After several updates that addressed bug fixes and general improvements, WhatsApp has released today the two .21.3.13 beta update. it’s nothing new apparently but we will show today a preview of the feature they’re performing on during this build: the mention badge! The feature is extremely simple to explain: once you receive a mention during a group, a replacement badge is going to be added within the group cell.

The feature is going to be useful during group chats. If unrolled, the mention badge is often wont to tag people during a group. The WhatsApp features tracker reports that the feature is under development and it’ll be unrolled during a future update. As of now, just some of the beta testers can access the feature.

Apart from this, WhatsApp has also unrolled a replacement sticker pack called Taters n tots for Android users.

On a related note, WhatsApp within the previous couple of months has released tons of the latest features. the newest feature that WhatsApp has unrolled recently is that the face and fingerprint unlock while linking the device. to link WhatsApp Web or Desktop to the WhatsApp account, users will now be asked to use their face or fingerprint unlock on their phones, before scanning a QR code from the phone to link their device.

WhatsApp has said that this may prohibit illegal logins to your WhatsApp account online. as an example, once the new feature is unrolled, your friend or colleague won’t be ready to link devices to your WhatsApp account without you. Whenever someone tries to log in without permission on the online version of the messaging app, a notice will crop up on your phone and you’ll unlink devices from your phone at any time without being physically present ahead of your desktop.