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With online slot games like Fishing Frenzy slot online, there are various volatility levels. While most slots will have an average amount, there are those who have larger and smaller amounts.

What is volatility

One of the most contested parts of slot gaming is slot volatility. This is because the volatility of a slot game can often mean the difference between winning and losing for a player. Although it may seem complicated, slot volatility is actually a fairly simple thing to understand. Players should think about volatility in the same way they would think about risk, it is essentially the same thing. Games with higher amounts of volatility will involve much more risk than the average slot game whilst games with lower volatility will have fewer elements of risk involved. Games with higher volatility are riskier because they will payout on a much more infrequent basis, meaning that players will have to spend more money in the hope of triggering a win big enough to win back the money they have lost.

Higher volatility

Most games will have an average amount of volatility, however, sometimes players will come across a game that offers a higher amount than usual. These games should only be used by players who have a larger budget, as they can be incredibly risky to play. There are many things that players should bear in mind about highly volatile games.

  • Risk does not necessarily mean reward – Players need to remember that just because a game has high volatility, does not mean that it is guaranteed to payout a larger amount. If you are using this type of game and expecting a bigger payout, don’t be surprised if this does not always happen.
  • Cost more – Players with smaller budgets need to be aware that these kinds of slot games will cost more to use because they will payout more infrequently. This means that players are left waiting for a win much longer than they usually would be. If you have a larger budget and can afford long periods without a win, this is ok. However, if you are a more casual gamer it may be better to look elsewhere.

Lower volatility

Games with higher volatility will not be for everyone. Players come with bankrolls of all sorts of shapes and sizes. The following are some of the main reasons why lower volatility games are better to use.

  1. Less risk – This should go without saying but these games come with much less risk than your average slot game, for players who have only a small amount in their bankroll, this is ideal. A game with lower volatility is perfect if you just want to accumulate smaller wins and don’t mind taking some time to build your bankroll.
  2. Constant wins – If you are in the middle of a losing streak, or just plain like winning, using a lower volatility slot is perfect as it will award players wins on a much more consistent basis.

Final Thoughts

Slot volatility is essentially the amount of risk involved with the game, the higher the volatility, the more risk involved.