The Boys Season 3

The Boys Season 3 Celebrates the Very first full, official look in Jensen Ackles in costume as Soldier Boy. Last fall, the next season of Amazon’s The Boys turned into a bona fide television sensation. In continuing its witty skewering of superhero culture, the satirical series reached new crucial heights and even now is courting some critical awards buzz. Because of this, everyone is now eagerly awaiting the arrival of The Boys season 3, which has been in production since earlier this season.

Little is known about The Boys season 3, but it is guaranteed the new episodes will select up from the jaw-dropping twist that Congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) is your cryptic supe responsible for blowing up people’s heads. Furthermore, Supernatural alum Jensen Ackles will make his debut as Soldier Boy, one of Vought’s original superheroes. Portrayed in the comics as overly hierarchical and naïve, fans are eagerly expecting The Boys’ updated take on the personality, in addition to Ackles’ functionality.

Yesterday, Ackles resisted the full reveal of his Soldier Boy costume by discussing a close-up shot of his shield. Now, Soldier Boy’s complete look for The Boys season 3 has arrived. The shield is there, however, the real point of curiosity is Ackles’ suit, which looks to be a fitting mix of tactical equipment and spandex. Soldier Boy looks like a real soldier. Scroll on to see the new image right down below.


The Boys Season 3

Since Soldier Boy is a slight parody of Captain America, one might have anticipated him to take to a more traditional stars-and-stripes look. But with Homelander (Antony Starr) already embodying that aesthetic, it’s fitting that Soldier Boy has received his style. It looks like The Boys is shooting Ackles’ personality in more down-to-earth management, with the darker colors and more realistic layout. Designer Laura Jean Shannon said in a statement, “Our aim was to highlight a bygone age of overt masculinity and grit. With that pedigree, we dove headfirst into baking at an all-American quality grounded in a military soldier’s practicality with a heavy dose of old school cowboy swagger.” When considering these goals, it is safe to state Shannon succeeded with this costume.

Interestingly, though Ackles’ aforementioned look attributes facial hair, his beard doesn’t seem to be nearly as bushy as some of the recent behind-the-scenes pictures from The Boys have revealed. Many started to speculate that the fuller beard indicated Soldier Boy is past his prime at the time season 3 starts, so maybe the above image shows Soldier Boy when he was initially shown by Vought to the general public. The Boys is able to look back to the past for Soldier Boy’s entire evolution, and it’ll be intriguing to see how he meshes with the series’ other colorful supes. At long last, Ackles’ costume has arrived, and fans can spit every little detail to their hearts’ content.