Invincible Season 2

The Invincible finale softly teased the best villain for now 2: Angstrom Levy. The conclusion of Amazon Prime Video’s animated superhero series delivered all of the feelings and violence Invincible fans expected based on Robert Kirkman’s comics. Mark Grayson fended off his dad, Omni-Man, from going ahead with plans to conquer Earth. While the world is currently protected from Omni-Man, the Invincible finale teased multiple villains that’ll be a part of Mark’s future.

The dangers set up for Invincible season 2 range from crime directors to intergalactic armies. The season 1 finale revealed the Flaxans, the Sequids, Titan, Doc Seismic, Battle Beast, along with the Mauler Twins at a closing montage. There was even an indication that Cecil Stedman could eventually become more of a villain. Meanwhile, the episode also teased that other Viltrumites could come to Earth to complete the job Omni-Man could not. Every one of these foes are expected to be part of Invincible season 2 and also make Mark’s superhero life very busy. But, it was the fast scenes featuring the Mauler Twins that appear to prepare the perfect villain for Invincible’s sophomore season.

Invincible Season 2

Invincible’s finale indicates the GDA detain the Mauler Twins again as soon as they burn the warehouse that contained their cloning and mind-transfer technology. The closing montage puts the giant geniuses back for the first time because Robot-assisted split them out. In case Invincible follows the comics, then they might not last long within this recognizable site. Kirkman’s original version of the story saw Angstrom Levy free the Mauler Twins from catch and recruit them to aid his cause. Now they are back in prison and Kirkman has teased Levy will be understood in future seasons of this series, Invincible appears to have set up the perfect next villain for Mark.

He is introduced as a character from the other world, one where Mark sided with Omni-Man to shoot Earth and turned into a ruthless member of this Viltrum empire. But, another world’s Angstrom Levy then seems to save him reveals a safe location where hundreds of different Angstrom Levys reside. This is a portion of the main Levy’s plan to gain the knowledge and experiences of every edition of himself throughout the multiverse. He recruits the Mauler twins to construct the technology that can make this idea a reality and becomes hellbent on stopping Invincible when he interrupts the experiment, leaving Levy with acute injuries.

Angstrom Levy’s battle with Mark continues then, but that would get too far into spoiler territory. Still, he is a distinctly different villain for Mark to encounter in Invincible season 2. Angstrom Levy does possess some enhanced physical skills, but the danger he poses to Invincible is more intellectual than physical. Invincible season 2 going right back to a different physically challenging foe for Mark after Omni-Man may feel repetitive, which is exactly why an intellectual foe using multiverse ties like Angstrom Levy is the right direction to proceed now.