We all know finding a solid raid group in Destiny 2 is not an easy task. To form a team, you’re forced to scour online forums for random teammates or just hope that five of your friends are all online at the same time; none of whom know what they’re doing half the time, communicate or even have good gear. And when it comes to beating raids, especially flawlessly, it requires teammates who know the raids like the back of their hands, communicate well, and have suitable armor and weapons to survive.

You may love your friends, but when you’ve been wiped by the raid’s first boss over and over again, it may be time for a new team. Luckily for you, Lfcarry has just that: professional and highly skilled Destiny 2 players at the ready to help fill out your fireteam with friendly teammates who can communicate like pros, know the in’s and out’s of every map, and help you effortlessly win raids; or who can simply beat the raid for you on your account.

Their skill speaks for itself; the Sherpa Leaderboards and World’s First Leaderboards are 60%+ filled with our players, and with over 50,000 clients served, it’s safe to say their ability is second to none. Lfcarry offers countless quality and affordable Raid boosting services that will finally give you the chance to kiss goodbye to endless grinding and terrible teammates. With boosting services such as:

  • Guaranteed completion of the Deep Stone Crypt Destiny 2 raid within 1-2 hours of player assignment 
  • A discount for three completions: Got three characters; why not run all three at the same time for a discounted price? 
  • Guaranteed Deep Stone Crypt raid-themed gear from all of the four challenging raid bosses
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  • Obtain all Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation gear and droppable loot; everything that drops, engrams, materials, weapons, and armor all go to you!
  • Flawless Garden of Salvation and Deep Stone Crypt services
  • Obtain all the random droppables from the Garden of Salvation raid bosses
  • Secure services are available for PC, PS, and Xbox.
  • 100% security of your account and progression; the safety of our clients is our top priority
  • Excellent and friendly customer service available 24/7 

What can you get with Lfcarry’s Trials of Osiris Boosts?

Be honest, have you ever gotten seven wins in a row on Trials of Osiris? If you’re like 99% of Destiny 2’s player base, then the answer is probably no. Getting a flawless Trials run is easily one of, if not the most difficult challenge in Destiny 2. It requires you to have an incredibly skilled fireteam, a knowledge of the maps like you made them yourself, and the absolute best weapons and armor; on top of all that, you have to hope that what you have is better than what your opponent has! Getting that coveted 7-0 run is an impossibly hard challenge to overcome, especially if you can’t even find good teammates.

That’s why Lfcarry offers Trials of Osiris services so that players who are tired of losing, tired of the grind, and tired of bad teammates can finally get that flawless run and get their hands on that sweet lighthouse loot. With Lfcarry services, our skilled Destiny 2 pros can help you win or can simply get the wins on your account without you even having to break a sweat. Make losing in Trials a thing of the past with such services as: 

  • Guaranteed flawless Trials of Osiris 7-0 run, fast and safely on your account
  • Fast delivery with regular updates and the ability to track orders through streaming services
  • Obtain all the Trials of Osiris rewards this weekend
  • Obtain all the trial drops this week
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  • Obtain all the Destiny 2 Trials armor and weapons from the Lighthouse
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  • Destiny 2 trial carry services to help farm engrams, acquire all the adept weapons, or complete bounties
  • Obtain pinnacle rank rewards
  • Earn a chance to get a Unique Trials of Osiris Ghost