• Know what can be the return of PUBG Mobile to India after the solution
  • PUBG Mobile was banned at the beginning of the month of September.

PUBG Mobile can be called the most famous game of eSports and Mobile Battle Royal Syn. Despite this, in the month of September, the Ministry of Electronics and Technology reported that they are about to ban 118 Chinese apps in India. It also included PUBG Mobile and its smaller version.

All of a sudden this step by the Indian government shook everyone. This was not the first time India had decided to ban Chinese apps. Earlier, 59 apps were banned in June.

The main reason for the ban was actually poor security of data of users of PUBG Mobile.

Why was PUBG Mobile banned in India?

The Ministry of Electronics and Technology issued a press release on the official website of a PIB. During this time, he had told that other Chinese apps including PUBG Mobile were banned under section 69A.

Along with this, in the official release, he wrote giving the reason that this decision has been taken in the interest of India and the people.

Giving good information about this announcement, it was told that all these apps steal the users’ data and send it to servers outside the country. Due to this, the Indian government suddenly took such a big decision to protect the country and protect the data.

These apps were not working under the IT Act. Due to this, the government decided to stop it immediately. Until the government gets the right answer to this problem, the game’s return is difficult.