Rey and Seth Rollins’ feud finally ended a few weeks ago on SmackDown, together with Murphy turning of his former coach for once and for all, taking him out with a knee attack and assisting Rey Mysterio to win the game.

The following week on SmackDown, Murphy went on to beat Seth Rollins in a singles match. After turning his back on Seth Rollins, it finally looks like the rest of the Mysterio household has accepted Murphy.

During his look, Murphy opened up on his experience working with Ret Mysterio and Dominik. Murphy remembered how much fun the whole experience had been for him had only good things to say about both Rey Mysterio and Dominik:

It is amazing working with him in-ring, and it is awesome to get in there together with Dom. Obviously, he is so new to all of this and he holds his own, he excels. Man, it’s fun. Being there with Rey is fun anyway because you’re in there together with Rey. But being in there with Dom is like a different learning curve and leaves you better. It is a challenge and challenges are fun. And the whole storyline, of course, it’s gone for a long long moment. There have been hiccups in there and whatnot, but I feel like it’s because people are not utilized to having something go for so, so long.

Rey Mysterio’s feud with Seth Rollins started in May. Rollins took out Mysterio, sending him eye-first in the corner of the steel ring steps.

The duo even wrestled in an eye for an eye fixed match. The most fascinating part of the feud was Murphy’s function. Murphy started off as Seth Rollins’ disciple but while the feud went on, got involved in a romantic angle with Rey’s daughter Aaliyah Mysterio.

Transcription Credits: 411Mania