TikTok appears to be the upcoming social networking app to enter the domain of e-commerce. TikTok is analyzing an in-app shopping experience. The app is also testing a quality that will help users find and apply to jobs. Recent months have seen TikTok use its creators to assist brands to create better advertising content.

TikTok has started working with multiple brands in Europe to list and market merchandise directly through the program. The shopping interface is currently limited to select testers, with it eventually expanding to most users. Douyin, the China-only variant of TikTok, pulled in over $26 billion in e-commerce trades in its very first calendar year.

What is TikTok In-App Shopping Could Look Like

TikTok lets companies set up store profiles for their goods on Instagram. Users can shop through the profiles and make purchases. The company will not be responsible for real earnings, but companies may use the feature to carry orders. TikTok may use part of the Discover webpage to showcase available products. It could also make a dedicated shopping page such as Instagram has. The company can sell earbuds through its shopping accounts on TikTok.

It is uncertain when TikTok plans on launching its in-app shopping experience for everyone. It is likely eager to get it out the door as fast as possible.