What happened to Mr. Cha? is a fantastic and popular Korean web TV series. The entire series was based on the genre of comedy-drama which was created by the person named Dong Kyu Kim. This series was also written by the same writer Dong Kyu Kim. This South Korean movie had good ratings in the film industry. This movie runs at a time of about 1 hour 41 minutes. This film had a higher fan base and so the audience more anticipating to watch this movie. Let us discuss the release date and the latest updates about this upcoming film.

What Happened To Mr. Cha? Plot

In this series, the entire story follows a gentleman named Mr. Cha. he was a perfect man and he has also a good appearance. Once upon a time, he was a popular actor. But, now he had lost his own original identity. This makes him more depressed. He also planned to get back his own identity. This makes him more trouble in his life. Mr. cha loved by enjoying immense popularity in the 90s. One fine day, he had planned to visit a gym to take a good shower after a stroll but the entire building begins to crumble. Mr. cha gets stuck in the pile. He always tried to maintain his gentle and perfect image. This story follows him and he was struggling to regain his popularity. His life was clearly shown in this web TV series. This story is suitable for all teenagers and family men.

What Happened To Mr. Cha? Cast And Character

There were confirmed characters in this movie and they are Cha In Pyo as Cha In Pyo, Jo Dal Hwan A Ram, Jo Han Joon, Park Ji soo, Park Young Gyu, Jo sang Gu.

Cha In Pyo was the best Korean actor and he will be performing his role in an extraordinary manner.

What Happened To Mr. Cha? Release Date

This movie was going to be released on January 1, 2021. I am sure this film will be releasing on the same date as it was one of the popular drama. This Korean movie will receive more rewards and ratings.