Here’s the fantastic news which we have entering NCIS season 19 Mark Harmon is going to be backward as Gibbs. However, the bad news is he might not be in every episode.

Lately, you may have discovered the longtime superstar could take on a part-time role in the upcoming season, which will be moving to Monday nights for the very first time. Exactly what”part-time” means, however, is not clear, and based on a report from Deadline, CBS Entertainment manager Kelly Kahl isn’t even certain how many episodes Harmon will look at as of yet.

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With that being said, Kahl did make the following apparent when it comes to their interest in keeping Mark around:

“We take it year by season with Mark, we’d love to have him as long as he’d like to be here. Even in this past season, he may have been mild in a couple of [episodes], so we’re happy to work on his schedule.”

Finally, we interpret the situation such as this: Mark might not want to carry a 24-episode period of a series anymore, which makes sense given how long he has been performing it. However, CBS also admits how valuable he is to the franchise. If he is still willing to return in any capacity, they are happy to have him. We’d like to allow him to have more of a permanent role with the team, but we must prepare for a few stretches where he is simply not around.

For the time being, let us just be happy that there is at least one more season coming! It’s our private hope that NCIS makes it to season 20, mostly because that feels just like a really wonderful place for the show to wrap up. In addition, it would suit the original Law & Order, one of the other longest-running displays of all time, concerning longevity.

What Do You Want To See From Mark Harmon On Ncis Season 19?

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