We know there are certain things about this season that are already firmly cemented — beginning with the exits from Commander Kane and Kate. The end of season 2’s finale has left us wondering if PoisonIvy or Penguin might be returning to this world.

Do you realize that these villains are much more famous than Batwoman’s foes? True, but we aren’t opposed to some of these iconic foes hopping between the two. Joker is the only Batman villain who feels that he should remain exclusive to Dark Knight. Other than that, we’d be thrilled to see what the show does. However, although there’s no guarantee that they will be included immediately, it would feel almost as if they were to disappear after the cliffhanger.

Season 3 is almost over. The final episode will focus on Ryan Wilder’s mother. As with Penguin and Poison, we were able to see the hint at the conclusion that something was up.

What Do You Most Want To See When It Comes To Batwoman Moving Forward?

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