Recent years have observed the increasing popularity of mobile gaming. In 2022, mobile gaming revenue in the United States hit an all-time high of USD 41.7 billion, and the number of mobile video game users in the United States is now at an all-time high. In addition, Smartphone games contributed 45 percent of global video gaming revenue. Unquestionably, Covid has had a key influence in accelerating the growth of the social, mobile gaming business. But what changes are we going to witness in this industry?

What is game app testing?

Game Testing is used to evaluate games for quality assurance. It is a part of game development that ensures that the delivered video game is bug-free. The purpose of game testing is to uncover and locate a video game’s bugs and flaws and enhance its stability and performance.

What are the current trends in game development?

The gaming industry is changing every day. These are the current trends.

  • Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality – (AR & VR) technology gives consumers a simulation of the current environment. Developers of augmented reality must utilize new web technologies intelligently so that users may engage with virtuality in the real world. Utilize technology breakthroughs to your advantage by inputting your ideas into a computer and creating the next best-selling game. Virtual reality in the gaming industry has favored wearable games. Similarly, gaming has grown dramatically during the past decade. Inconsistency in the graphical content of the games has been significantly reduced. Not only was structural consistency emphasized, but motion control allowed players to interact with the system and move their bodies.
  • Cloud gaming- This is a very recent development in the game business. People today choose cloud games since they don’t have to install the game or worry about storage space; instead, they may play live games. This is an excellent method for rethinking games and selecting technology.
  • Mobile gaming: People’s interest in PC gaming has diminished, and many now choose to play on mobile devices. Due to their hectic lifestyles, they cannot remain connected to the computer and the game at all times; nevertheless, they may play mobile games at any time and from any location since they are easily accessible. There is always the option to play on mobile devices. In contrast to PC developers, the need for mobile developers is expanding. Customers throughout the globe are seeking a mobile app developer.

What trends can we expect?

After covid, the gaming industry started to evolve fast, and within a few years, it had transformed significantly. But with the growth of technology and people’s expectations, these are the possible trends we are going to see shortly, and they will affect game-testing platforms as well-

  • Realistic Experience– No one can make a valid comparison between traditional and virtual reality (VR) games. Their qualities are dissimilar. Some games are designed with complex visuals and 360-degree video capabilities. Integrating 360-degree videos with virtual reality technologies offers the most realistic experience possible.
  • Content- The game should be designed with consideration for the needs and desires of the players. No one desires to spend time on anything that is not engaging and beneficial. The inclusion of virtual reality (VR) technology in a game might serve to wow players. Virtual reality technology improves the realism of adventure games. It gives high-quality simulation experiences.
  • Face Recognition- Face recognition is a capability enabled by 3D technology. Typically, these features or technologies enhance the security system’s capabilities and improve everything. Numerous sectors are currently using the facial recognition function to strengthen their operations. Similarly, it is anticipated that this outstanding component will be utilized in the games in 2022. It can drastically alter the gaming trends and interests of any individual.
  • Voice Recognition- In game development, voice recognition technologies will be the next big thing. But it is not thoroughly examined or highlighted. Voice recognition is more prevalent in other disciplines and sectors. Speech recognition in video games may enable multiple enhancements, such as enhanced user experience and increased interactivity. In 2022, there will be an increase in the use of speech recognition in game production, accompanied by additional features.
  • Esports- In the past, individuals enjoyed sports with family and friends by meeting in a particular location, such as gardens, parks, or living rooms. Now, however, electronic platforms are gaining popularity. In the virtual world, such games are also accessible. It enables gamers to enjoy sports with their loved ones without any worry. The combination of three significant factors — eSports, virtual reality, and augmented reality — can improve many things in the gaming industry. This combination can aid game development businesses in fast overcoming rivals and achieving favorable outcomes.
  • Gaming for all ages– Who would have thought that a grandmother and her grandson would not only love playing video games together but that the grandmother would also spend the same amount of time as the grandson? Generations of video game players have grown up with the medium. No longer are you chained to a wired console or need to complete a game over a weekend. You can play on any device with individuals locally or from around the globe and observe the match in real time.
  • Cross-platform Play-According to current trends, gaming content is becoming device-agnostic. Popular, multi-user, high-fidelity games such as Fortnite and PUBG are desired on mobile devices and consoles. However, the same standard of excellence is expected. 


Each phase of next-generation gaming focuses on improvement. Speeds are one of the most significant future improvements gamers will face. Players will enjoy even more seamless experiences due to 5G speeds, enhanced internet connections, and quicker service. But continuous gaming app testing is needed to keep up with the future. Choose a tool like HeadSpin that will help you to get the most out of your testing.