The premiere of the second season of Virgin River was full of big surprises, one of them in the hasty relationship that Lizzie and Ricky began. This has led the producer of the series to talk about the fate of the new couple.

Producer and head writer of the series Virgin River, Sue Tenney, has assured fans that Lizzie and Ricky will probably fix things after the dramatic intervention of Connie.

Actress Sarah Dugdale first appeared on Virgin River’s second season to play Lizzie, who is playing a major role for the show’s season 3 with Ricky (Grayson Gurnsey).

For that reason, showrunner Tenney has praised the chemistry that the two actors have managed to achieve in the second season of the show, quickly making a romance blossom.

This means that the third season will have an arc for the romance of Lizzie and Ricky, but, now what many are wondering is what will happen between them.

In addition to the passionate romance between the series’ leads Mel Monroe and Jack Sheridan, Lizzie and Ricky’s young love affair was a highlight for many viewers this season.

What Sue Tenney did say was that the romance will continue between the two, despite the traumatizing attempt to take their relationship to the next level in the final episodes of Virgin River.

All fans of the show can rest assured that the young couple will remain a central part of the main cast when Virgin River returns for a third season on the Netflix platform.