Virgin River Season 3

Virgin River is a classic romantic drama television show based on the Virgin River novels by Robyn Carr. The series has received positive critical acclamation. The show has introduced love triangles, abusive relationships, drugs, murder, abandoned infant and despair.

The show blends all these into a comforting drama show with unexpected turns and twists. The scenes are very soothing with mountains, mountains, and rivers. The series follows the story of Melinda”Mel” Monroe (Alexandra Breckenridge) who is a nurse and a midwife. She moves to a very remote California city of the Virgin River after the death of her husband.

She didn’t get a warm welcome from the natives. Melinda decides to leave when the locals give her a hard time getting accustomed to the surrounding. But when Melinda finds a baby anonymously abandoned on the doctor’s front porch she takes her up obligation as a nurse and sets her idea of leaving apart. She then tries to learn to heal herself until she can create Virgin River her property.


Virgin River Season 3

Season 2 ended with a massive cliffhanger: Mel found Jack shot at his bar. In season 3 we’ll learn if Jack will endure his harm.

That the question of who shot Jack could drag on for several seasons. Season 3 is not likely to supply a solution to this question. Nonetheless, there are numerous suspects.

So Vince, Charmaine, Brady, or Calvin would be the offenders. Most likely, Calvin desired revenge on Jack for being detained for him. In our post on Jack’s assault, we talk who’s what motive for the offense.

In addition to the primary story about Mel and Jack, we also learn more about Preacher in Season 3. After all, his plans to leave the Virgin River are jeopardized by Paige’s son Christopher.

Another important point of the new episodes is how Mel and Jack’s relationship grows while Charmaine is anticipating Jack’s kids. However, some fans suspect that Charmaine’s twins aren’t Jack’s children in any way. Season 3 will even see more flashbacks of Mark and Mel and their connection. Actor Daniel J. Gillies shows in a meeting with ET Canada.

We should also see more of Ricky and Lizzie in Virgin River Season 3. The fans already have a concept of how the two of them will continue in the new episodes.