Virgin River Season 3

Fans are excited about the love story between Mel and Jack. However, the nurse could be pregnant in season 3 on Netflix. Season 3 will be available to stream on July 9. Fans are eager to find out the rest of Mel’s adventures with Jack after the Season Finale, which was quite dramatic. Jack was shot in the head by Mel. If the services wondered if the bartender would survive because of his injury, the truth is that it was! The Virgin River season 3 trailer showed us what to expect. Mel and Jack will become closer than ever, before tensions rise over the family issue. Mel wants children with Jack… but not her… Or could it be that she’s already pregnant when the series returns?

Virgin River Season 3 Trailer

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Mel asks Jack, in the Virgin River season 3, trailer, if Jack is ready to have children. He doesn’t seem too excited. Is that you? “He asks with a concerned expression. Mel is also seen holding her face in her hands in shock while she’s in the bathroom. Did she get a positive pregnancy check? Given that Mel and Jack were drawn from Robyn Carr’s novels, it is possible. Virgin River’s third season will be available on Netflix.

Virgin River Season 3

Virgin River Season 3: Mel And Jack Ready To Start A Family In A Moving Trailer

Netflix has finally revealed the trailer for Virgin River’s third season after months of waiting. It promises moments full of emotion!

What did you expect? It’s finally here! Season 3 will debut on Netflix on July 9, at 9:01 a.m. All fans of the romantic series, Mel and Jack, will be there to discover them. Two terrible cliffhangers left us speechless in Season 2 of Virgin River.

Jack had been shot first and his life was in danger. Doc received bad news regarding his health… We were all shocked, but the first trailer for season 3 was a great answer!