While recently speaking with Wrestling Inc, Viktor revealed that there was a moment in NXT that almost ended up being one of the members of the Wyatt Family. Eventually, things turned around and took a very different turn for him, as he and Konnor finally formed the team The Ascension.

I suffered a couple of minor injuries while I was in NXT. Before joining The Ascension team, he had been working a lot with Seth Rollins. I remember a triple threat against him and Leo Kruger (Adam Rose) at a live event, where at the end of the match Seth threw me into the ring and I remember my knee giving out suddenly when I got up and finished the match. It was a good fight, really good, Viktor declared.

I just remember someone saying it was a really fun match and after that, I was fighting alongside The Wyatt Family for a while. Then one day Hunter at the suggestion of Norman Smiley and Billy Kidman said to me Hey Vic we think you should form The Ascension with Konnor.  This is how it happened Viktor said.

We will never know what might have happened to Viktor as a member of the Wyatt Family. The Ascension was released from their contracts with WWE in 2019 and have yet to sign for any other promotions. We will have to see where they end up or if they finally continue as a team in the independent scene.