The second part of Vikings season 6 will air from December 30 on Amazon Prime Video and fans keep speculating, especially with everything the Vikings trailer reveals about the last episodes of the series. The series will begin the day after the battle between the Vikings and Prince Oleg. Both Bjorn and his first wife Gunnhild were caught up in battle and according to the Vikings Season 6 Part 2 trailer, they’re still alive. But for how long? Some fans believe Bjorn may die after the conflict with the Rus is resolved and Gunnhild may follow him by sacrificing himself. According to fans, following Bjorn’s death, Harald would marry his wives. Indeed, Harald has always made it his mission to take whatever matters most to Bjorn, and he has had an eye on both of his wives from the start.

And we can notably see the actress Ragga Ragnars, aka Gunnhild, dressed in white during a ceremony in the trailer for the second part of season 6 of Vikings, with Harald and Ingrid behind her. But that doesn’t mean the marriage will go through. According to fans, Gunnhild could even use the ceremony to tragically kill himself. This would allow her to join Bjorn and not leave him alone in death, just as young Gyda sacrificed herself to follow Lagertha so that she was not alone on her journey to Valhalla. Having no more reason to live, Gunnhild could make the same sacrifice. In another genre, Ivar is unhappy about it on unseen photos of the last episodes of Vikings!