Toto Wolff is one of those who thinks that Sebastian Vettel’s time at Ferrari should end now. It finally happened abruptly in 2020 that had a delayed F1 World Cup start (and with only 17 races) due to the crisis generated by the coronavirus pandemic.

It happened before the championship started. It was learned that the Heppenheim would not continue and that his replacement would be Carlos Sainz. That left the four-time champion with very few options. Basically, after the stronger teams closed the doors, the German only had the choice of choosing Aston Martin or taking a sabbatical.

How close was I to quit? Close enough to worry. I had to find out what was best for me. I always said I’d stay in F1 if there was something that interested me enough. The performance of Aston Martin (the last year Racing Point) gives reason to be confident. Of course.

I want to be with those at the front, not at the back of the grid, and I think this team allows me to do so. They are ready to grow and I would like to undertake this road with them, said Vettel.

The four-time champion, who is already working at Silverstone (the seat has been made to be ready for the pre-season tests to be carried out from March 12 to 14 in Bahrain) to adapt as quickly as possible to his new team, he is one of the few rivals for the untouchable Lewis Hamilton.

And that means that in Mercedes they are watching him. Regarding the situation of Vettel, the head of the dominating team of the hybrid era has spoken. Sebastian needed one thing above all else and that was a change of scenery. As you go further and further into a negative spiral, you have to make a change.

That is what he has done. Now he is in a completely different environment ha Wolff pointed out in statements to RTL. I expect a lot from ‘Seb’ this yearThe Austrian leader points out that the environment at Ferrari was what led him to perform at such a low level. Let us remember that the 33-year-old driver was 13th in the general drivers’

standings after scoring a very poor 33 points. At least he took the joy of the podium (third) at the Turkish Grand Prix. I don’t think Vettel has not fulfilled. It is the general conditions that were getting worse or the work team, which went bankrupt. I expect a lot from ‘Seb’ this year. The Aston Martin chapter as a factory team has just begun and Vettel is one of the great pillars of this project, Wolff says.