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Slots games remain highly popular at US online casinos. An increasing number of players can’t wait to go online and try to trigger a bonus game and win a big prize. It might even be a progressive jackpot if their luck is really in. Let’s look at the trends that have been seen at US online casinos this year.

Numbers playing online continue to rise

The way in which we play slot games has changed in recent years. Rather than just going to arcades and land-based casinos, an increasing number of gamblers are playing their favorite games at US online casinos.

There are several reasons why this is the case. The increase in mobile phone technology has resulted in more people registering with American online casinos. Using their mobile devices allows them to play slot games wherever they want. While you’re waiting for that Greyhound coach to arrive, just log in and start playing and hopefully win.

The pandemic has a hand in the growth of the number of people playing at online US casinos. Land-based casinos were temporarily closed, and that drove players old and new online. Although the lockdowns are over now, players have gotten their taste of playing online and continue to do so.

Last year the online gambling industry was worth $61.5 billion. When the final 2022 figures are released, that figure is expected to have increased. By 2028, it’s anticipated that it will have risen to $114.4 billion.

More states making gambling legal

The past four years have seen over 30 US states make gambling legal. There had been a long campaign to see the gambling laws in the US change. That led to a US Supreme Court Judge’s rule that it would be individual states who could decide whether they legalized betting. 

One of the key states in that campaign was New Jersey. They have since made gambling legal. If registering an account in that state, it’s important to read a New Jersey online casinos guide to find out more about what is on offer in 2023.

The trend has continued this year, with states such as New York going down the legalization route. This is important for the states who do so, as they are receiving much-needed revenue from gambling taxes.

2023 will see even more US states legalizing gambling. That includes Ohio, where the very first day of the new year will see betting made legal. This is important as those visiting US online casinos that are not licensed can find themselves playing slots of games that aren’t entirely fair. The increase in the number of states that have made gambling legal is good news.

Increased use of cryptocurrencies

Gambling on slots isn’t just about trying to get matching symbols and triggering bonus rounds. Players need to consider the payment method that they use and be safe and secure at US online casinos.

This year has seen the use of cryptocurrencies increase further. There are some downsides to using them, mainly the volatility that still exists in terms of their value. However, using cryptocurrency as a payment method at a US online casino is still an attractive proposition for gamblers.

One of the main reasons is because of the lack of personal information that is shared when using cryptocurrencies. It’s a lot less than, for example, using a credit card. Another bonus is the speed that financial transactions can take place. Being able to swiftly access your winnings after a good session at a US online casino is very handy indeed. 

The rise of virtual reality games

At one time, the slot games we played were extremely basic. The old-fashioned fruit machines only had one payline, and no one knew what a bonus game was. Improvements in technology have transformed the slot industry. 

Now it’s possible to go to a US online casino and play slots that have thousands of ways to win and amazing graphics. However, the slot industry is not one to ever stand still. The gameplay and the way a slot look has to keep on being improved.

Virtual reality (VR) games are the way ahead, and that has been seen in the slots industry this year. Players may still feel a bit foolish wearing the VR headsets but what is available by wearing them is well worth a few funny looks.

Some of the graphics on modern slot games are almost worthy of a Hollywood movie. Being able to experience that by playing VR slots at US online casinos is a great experience.

Millions of dollars are being spent by gambling companies to create new games. The metaverse is with us now, and if that technology is used correctly, then the slots industry is going to go from strength to strength. 2022 has been an exciting year, but next year could be even more thrilling, especially if you love playing slots.