Over the past few months, a rumor spread that Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest would be promoted to the main roster. Finally, the two superstars from NXT participated in Royal Rumble and it would be the official debut of both in the main WWE brands.

According to a report from PWInsider, it was revealed that Priest will be a part of Monday Night RAW and tonight could be behind the scenes. So far, it was not confirmed if he will have any fight or appearance in any segment.

Damian Priest entered the men’s battle royal in fourteenth place and lasted 15:34 until he was eliminated by United States champion Bobby Lashley. In addition, Damian eliminated The Miz and John Morrison and helped Bad Bunny to climb the third rope for the singer to perform a Frog Splash on the two competitors.

In the case of Rhea Ripley, although reports claim that she is already part of the main WWE roster, it is not known if she will be part of RAW or SmackDown.