The Unforgotten season four finale was a shocker to say the very least.

We are still reeling following the latest show ended (and that is your final spoiler warning) on a terrible note, after the death of DCI Cassie Stewart (played with Nicola Walker at the Unforgotten Cast).

Whenever it’s hard to envision the detective drama with no Cassie, her beloved sidekick Sunny (Sanjeev Bhaskar) is going to return to helm another show, teaming up with a new spouse, whilst digging into a different unsolved cold instance.

Here is what we know thus far about Unforgotten’s fifth show, who will be returning to the throw, and what’s going to happen in the new Season.

Unforgotten Season5 Release Date

ITV hasn’t yet declared when Unforgotten’s fifth show will soon arrive on our displays — but we won’t need to wait as long as we did for season four.

While we sadly said goodbye to Nicola Walker’s DCI Cassie Stewart at the end of the final series, that does not indicate that the conclusion of Unforgotten — that the detective play is returning for a fifth show, ITV has verified.

At a tweet, the broadcaster thanked Nicola Walker for her work on the series, before adding: “Nicola and author Chris Lang determined that Cassie’s story would conclude last night, however, Unforgotten would last, in string five, using a new instance, and a brand new partner in Crime’ to get DI Sunny Khan.”

Sanjeev Bhaskar, who stars as DI Sunny Khan from the show, said that he was”thrilled” to hear of Unforgotten’s recommission, composing on Twitter: “I will continue to see and learn from #NicolaWalker as I’ve done these past five decades, shining with pride because my buddy excels in whatever she does. She is a private and national treasure”

Before show four, every series took about a year and a half to property on ITV, together with strings one, three, and two broadcasting in 2015, 2017, and 2018 respectively. But there was a massive gap of 2 and half years involving series four and three, which was partially down to filming flaws resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Taking the preceding show into consideration, we predict which Unforgotten may be back on our screens from September/October 2022 — provided that COVID-19 does not wreak havoc with Production plans.

Unforgotten Season 5 cast

The Kumars at No. 42’s Sanjeev Bhaskar will reunite as much-loved DI Sunil’Sunny’ Khan in the series. However, Nicola Walker regrettably will not be back following her persona DCI Cassie Stuart was killed off in a car crash at the end of series three.

We anticipate Jordan Long (DS Murray Boulting), Lewis Reeves (DC Jake Collier), Carolina Main (DS Fran Lingley), Georgia Mackenzie (Dr. Leanne Balcombe), and Pippa Nixon (DC Karen Willetts) to reprise their roles as Sunny’s police colleagues at the upcoming show, while Sunny’s now-fiancé Sal (Michelle Bonnard) will probably take a look.

It is uncertain whether we are very likely to see Cassie’s dad Martin (Peter Egan), her son Adam (Jassa Ahluwalia), her spouse John (Alastair Mackenzie), or Martin’s spouse Jenny (Janet Dibley) later Cassie’s departure — but maybe they will pop from the channel to cover Sunny a trip?

There is no news yet seeing new cast members enjoying the suspects, both the victims and the relatives engaged in Sunny’s most up-to-date case. However judging from the leading line-ups we have observed in the seasons and the massive success of the series, we are expecting high-profile celebrities to be clambering for all these functions.

Unforgotten Season 5 Plot

With show four just completed, ITV is to provide us some clues about the year. The moment plot details are declared we will be updating this page with the most recent news.

What occurred in the conclusion of Unforgotten Season 4?

**Spoiler warning: Do NOT read this unless you’ve noticed the Unforgotten show 4 finales**

At a stunning series finale, we eventually learned that Dean Barton (actual name Dean Quinn) had killed Matthew Walsh from the 1990s. While Ram Sidhu (Phaldut Sharma) had recognized Matthew since the individual who had beaten him up and sexually attacked Fiona (Liz White) a couple of weeks before and started pursuing him, it was Dean who had been the first to locate Matthew, who had triggered within an allotment and struck his head on a brief brick wall, knocking himself out.

Dean — who’d attempted to escape his family relations to offense by changing his last name and coaching for a police officer — recognized Walsh since the rival gang member who had murdered his supportive older brother Stephen and chose to avenge his death, stabbing Walsh throughout his wound using an engraved fountain pen he had been given his brother.

While Dean was detained over Walsh’s departure, expectant dad Ram was anticipated to face jail time after being charged by preventing the lawful burial of a human body (alongside Liz and Fiona), in addition to his participation in Dean’s cocaine smuggling operation. Fiona was confronting an extra control over her imitation treatment permit, while Liz needed to resign from the police force as a result of her fees.

Regardless of the group’s success in discovering Walsh’s murderer, the finale ended on a horrible note, together with DCI Cassie Stewart’s operation revealing that she had sustained severe brain damage after her car crash and was unlikely to generate a complete recovery. We later learn of her passing, with Sunny delivering a eulogy at her funeral and seeing her tomb with flowers.